Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • kade

mmmmmmmm.. finally a perfect mid-range phone.... covers all the perfect aspects of a modern day mid-range phone>> very similar in specs to 6300, and very similar in looks to 3110 classic phone--- guess its an upgrade of an 3110C phone!\ isnt that nokia's stategy>>

  • GTK


  • Anonymous

same style design! only the color of the phone has change

  • Anonymous

nice phone!

  • Anonymous

wow. low-end 3G phone from Nokia.
i thought that would never happened

  • Bad Phone

Wasting the money!
3120c = SE K530

  • Anonymous

another case of DEJA VU....why same product, repeat, n more repeatition...something new,,i can't believe it another 3120...

better make a classic nk 7650..

  • tawd

Seems like another 6120 classic/E51 type of phone... Good bang for the buck.

Even so, there are some features that aren't labeled yet. For example, which O/S will this phone use? How much RAM does it have?

Looks like an S40 device, since there is no menu key. I wonder which CPU Nokia is using in their new line of S40 phones, as it seems they're utilizing VGA recording @ 15fps, which is an improvement over all the regular S60 devices that can only do QVGA @ 15 fps.

  • markE

Not in in aesthetics but looks to be a practical phone. This will work well as a spare, back up phone. Lets all wait and see. Cheers.

  • WM

Well!!! Nokia has done it again for the masses. The phone comes with all the features of 6300 at almost half the price.
Good going Nokia.
We are still waiting for Nokia Business Phone. The next generation of E90.

  • Anonymous

With its ultra round corners I'm a bit concerned this phone will slip out of the hands too easy, but the specifications are good...

  • Anonymous

This phöne seems to be having great features like class 32 GPRS and EDGE.price also seems to be good.i think this phone will fulfill the demands in future.
Good work

  • Anonymous

my}k, it seems that you are not very familiar with technology.
First of all, 2 Mpix means 1600x1200.That's almost 7 times bigger than VGA, which is 640x480pixels. So, why wouldn't it be capable of recording at this resolution?
Secondly, SE(and others) are focusing only on the PHOTO camera, not on the video part(althogh we would like to take videos at bigger resoltions). It's purely their strategy. If u want a camera oriented phone, then go and buy a N95 8GB, or a N82(see all the reviews made by the gsmarena team).
This phone has a decent feature pack, and most of all, a reasonable price tag, that would appeal to the mass market.
I'm not trying to speak in favor of Nokia, but take a look around and see what competitors offer for this price tag!
Good job, Nokia!

  • Anonymous

top end screen, decent camera. 3120 was a class phone

  • Roli

ok pls some one tell me how can this phone make VGA VIDEO !!! and its only 2 mpx , when a 3.2 mpx Sony ericsson K750 or a 5 mpx sony ericssson cant make only 160x140 plss tell me cose im verry interested in this i hate u sony ericsson u never made good quality cameras in video section !

  • Dani

how many classics are Nokia going to Make?

  • sonia

the announced price on their website wrote around 150euros before tax and subsidies/contract.

  • Nick

has pretty much the same features as the 6300 but a snip of the price, not bad looking neither, but wudnt go for the red personally

  • Dani

looks like a good phone for its price range

  • riltz

awww damn, im 2nd...xD
nice video recording (vga) hope it is at 20fps or better *¬*.
2" display is good but those 16M colors kills the battery life :S (3:30 hs is not really good of talking with a 1000mAh :s)