Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • ashman

Tharu, 26 Nov 2009Wow.. I'm thrilled to the fullest when come to know this phone's... moreYes the phone has very good general usability and serves most of our needs quite well. I was thinking of going for Nokia E52, but considering the price factor and my specific needs, I am thinking of continuing with this phone. comparing Price / Features ... One of the Best Phones amongst any brands.

  • ashman

Pitah, 26 Nov 2009can you pliz tell me which applications that this phone can supportI have many applications installed on my phone... all sorts of applications... Applications for Java phones... should be less than 1MB in size.

  • ashman

dan, 27 Nov 2009any one tell me why this phone will not sinc via bluetooth with ... moremy phone has synced with almost every phone via BT

  • dan

any one tell me why this phone will not sinc via bluetooth with other phones????

  • Pitah

can you pliz tell me which applications that this phone can support

  • pitah

Nayeem, 18 Nov 2009How can I use the front camera?The front camera is for video call. if your service provider has advanced to this then you can, otherwise, you can't

  • Tharu

Wow.. I'm thrilled to the fullest when come to know this phone's LOW PRICE although having 3G and ext mem.

  • 3120 owner

my 3120 camera cannot be silenced no country laws forbid it i tried nokia store they say itz a software problem and neeeds upgrade but the site says my version is the latest !!!!! and i cnt silence the shutte sound
i click pix a lot and the sound is annoying at work

  • Anonymous

I have informed to Nokia regarding the poor panel.
Please contact nokia customer care to complaint about the panel.
Atleast they will give a alternate solution (either payable or free)
Because the side panel which is getting the cracks is not just a panel,
Its the main body of the phone.

  • Anonymous

its nice phone wit goood features at a fantabolous low price

  • Roy

Network's vry bad:-(

  • Kumar santosh from c

N, 13 Nov 2009Which is the best choice? Nokia 3120 or nokia 6303Hey! go with Nokia 3120c. Because,this is a 3G phone & its function,look &performance is better than Nokia 6303c. Remember 3G has arrived in India.

  • s.k.sanjaya

yahhhh.great 4n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but 4 2gb memory little slow!

  • Dean muri

Nokia 3120 is an ordinary multimedi cp, but the multimedia format is incredible. Try it !

  • paps

simple but superb..
the 1st time i saw this phone, i thought it was just a functional phone with little features (e.g Nokia 2680 slide or 1800 and the like). yet, when i opened it, it proved otherwise. this is an almost complete phone, to think that it has 3g technology..
its looks may be simple, but its functions are far better..
there's no regret in buying this unit..

  • simmons

looks great, has many functions, but easily scratching and cracking due to poor plastic body

  • Anonymous

D fone is not much outside

  • Vikas

Body very sofisticated. i mean to say that the d-slide is break 2 time.

  • Nayeem

How can I use the front camera?

  • ashman

faheem, 17 Nov 2009I've exchanged my nokia5220 express music with this phone with m... morefaheem,
It's your choice... wether you have done right or wrong... time will tell. PDF files (text only ... No Graphics) can be opened with this phone. You will need to download a pdf reader for S40 phones. The phone is pretty useful and has most of the features people are likely to use everyday in their daily lives. I too want to go for a new phone with newer features everytime I see or read about them... but actually for me this phone serves me very well... so I just hold back my urge.