Nokia 3.1 is the latest smartphone to get the Android 10 update

Vlad, 07 October 2020

Remember Google's Android One program and its constantly touted advantages - not only does it give you 'pure' Android, but also a long support period and quick version updates! Well, about that last one... Let's just say it hasn't worked out at all.

Case in point: the Nokia 3.1, an Android One device (the branding is proudly displayed on its back, as you can see) is now starting to receive the update to Android 10. That's the version that's more than one year old, not Android 11, which first came out in early September of this year.

Nokia 3.1 is the latest smartphone to get the Android 10 update

Let's make the obvious quip here - better late than never, and all that. But maybe, for the future, also - better honest marketing than not? That's an open question for Google and everyone involved in this misleading mess.

Anyway, if you own a Nokia 3.1 and got it from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, or Vietnam, great news - these are the countries that are supposed to receive the update in the first wave.

Nokia 3.1 is the latest smartphone to get the Android 10 update

10% of units in these markets will get the notification today, 50% by October 10, and on October 12, all of them should be on the new version. As for other countries and territories, there's no information yet, but we're hoping the rollout will go global soon.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 02 Mar 2022
  • Nw5

my nokia 3.1 does not support wi-fi whats the problem?

  • Tmc
  • 30 Apr 2021
  • wfD

Hi, I would try to keep turning it on until the end of the day with an hour between each attend and of that doesn't work try to get in contact with the Nokia support. If you can't get in contact go see your closet trusted phone specialist...

  • NokiaPowerUser
  • 26 Dec 2020
  • fwC

The same thing happened to my nokia 3.1 after an OTA update to Android 10. I have tried several times to install stock flash roms to no avail until I found this article which revived the phone.

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