Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • AnonD-819322

The Nokia 3200 and 6560 (US variant of the 6610) were announced on 12 September 2003, which is the exact day I was born. I can't get the 6560 as I'm in the UK, so the 6610 and the 3200 are special to me :)

I had this phone ages ago, before the age of smartphones, and I loved everything about it. It was beautiful and reliable. I don't even know where it is now, I gave it away to relatives... I hope it still works haha!

  • AnonD-700859

Nice to hard use and good battery life.

  • Aadrian

I had one a long time ago but it was pretty cool that time, making and designing your own covers so you could change your phone whenever and however you liked it.

Truly magical phone of the mid-2000s. It had a basic 0.3 MP camera. But the pics it took were much clearer than the 0.6 or 1 MP cameras on its rival phones (Samsung & Sony Ericsson). Its xhtml browser did so much work that it allowed me to spend 18 months without having a PC at home! No MP3 support, but the FM radio was very useful. Torchlight was very bright. And all those addictive s40 java games made the phone into a pocket-playground! This phone was the ideal helper!

  • AnonD-1385

I use to own one of these and despite the battery being 780 mAh it still lasted long. My current phone Galaxy S5 has a 2800 mAh and yes it lasts long compared to many other Android devices but if this battery was in a Nokia like this it would last for at least a month.

  • G_Master

This is the first phone i have ever, It brings back wonderful memories.
but it was stolen form me.
I almost forget what it looks like.

  • 2

dinah.drake, 20 Oct 2016love this was my first mobile phone...the great thing... moremy also frst phn of life

  • Anonymous

Great phone , i would like to find one now

  • dinah.drake

love this was my first mobile phone...the great thing was that ypu coul change the masks and make your own:DD

  • Anonymous

i remember this phone, especially the bounce game. its really awesome to have a colored screen mobile at that time. but now you need to have a bigger size screen handset with especial feature on it to call it awesome lol

  • Tania

I had it in 2004. It was modern, stylish and with colorful screen and polyphonic melodies.. what did you need more??? I liked it, but i needed to sell it for the better option....

  • Jonny

Was going through some old stuff, and found this phone from when I had it 2004, still had the charger... plugged it in and it still goes! Had all the old photos on it too :D


i used this cell phone somehwere in in its class..

  • darian

I remember having this phone in 2004 was awesome.. That was the phone ruling in its time my first internet access phone brings back memories.

In 2004 & 2005, this phone met most of my internet needs, without me having to use a computer! Camera didn't have much pixels... but still its images were more realistic than those clicked in other mobiles of that time!

  • Dharma

My first cellphone :-)

  • Khaled

This phone was my first one to buy in 2005... I still have it till now... I managed to find a battery for it somewhere and when I started it.. Oh! A blast from the past :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2015This is still my working phone since 2004! No kidding!! It's awe... moreI have had mine since 2005 and agree with all you say. Do you know what a number 2 in the top left corner means?

  • Anonymous

This is still my working phone since 2004! No kidding!! It's awesome--I'm only on my 4th battery. This phone has saved me thousands. Very robust design, clear speaker, quirky, and now considered vintage in the world of phones. For basic internet, I prefer to use an iPad but for everything else I use a high-powered laptop. Even a smartphone can't perform the things I need to do on the web, so it's useless to me. For photos, I'm used to using a powerful camera. Hoping it will keep holding out. Needed reimaging not long after I bought it. Cost me $50 back then (crazy) but was definitely worth it!