Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • J
  • Jonny
  • PGD
  • 23 Jul 2016

Was going through some old stuff, and found this phone from when I had it 2004, still had the charger... plugged it in and it still goes! Had all the old photos on it too :D

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    • RKk
    • 01 Apr 2016

    i used this cell phone somehwere in in its class..

      • d
      • darian
      • iV%
      • 20 Jan 2016

      I remember having this phone in 2004 was awesome.. That was the phone ruling in its time my first internet access phone brings back memories.

        In 2004 & 2005, this phone met most of my internet needs, without me having to use a computer! Camera didn't have much pixels... but still its images were more realistic than those clicked in other mobiles of that time!

          • D
          • Dharma
          • tDx
          • 30 Jul 2015

          My first cellphone :-)

            • K
            • Khaled
            • 9xG
            • 14 Jul 2015

            This phone was my first one to buy in 2005... I still have it till now... I managed to find a battery for it somewhere and when I started it.. Oh! A blast from the past :)

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • UFA
              • 02 May 2015

              Anonymous, 30 Apr 2015This is still my working phone since 2004! No kidding!! It'... moreI have had mine since 2005 and agree with all you say. Do you know what a number 2 in the top left corner means?

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 7sk
                • 30 Apr 2015

                This is still my working phone since 2004! No kidding!! It's awesome--I'm only on my 4th battery. This phone has saved me thousands. Very robust design, clear speaker, quirky, and now considered vintage in the world of phones. For basic internet, I prefer to use an iPad but for everything else I use a high-powered laptop. Even a smartphone can't perform the things I need to do on the web, so it's useless to me. For photos, I'm used to using a powerful camera. Hoping it will keep holding out. Needed reimaging not long after I bought it. Cost me $50 back then (crazy) but was definitely worth it!

                  • s
                  • shiv shinde
                  • Y}K
                  • 02 Mar 2015

                  why i dont have dis phone?

                    • A
                    • Akshay Singh
                    • KA9
                    • 25 Nov 2014

                    It was my 1st cellphone from 8th to 10th Class(2006-2008) and used to talk with 1st G.f then how can i forget this phone in my life.....Thank you Nokia 3200 to make my beginning special.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-56344
                      • Xu@
                      • 06 Jun 2014

                      This was my dad's first phone.I love this phone!

                        • K
                        • Kadok09
                        • UD{
                        • 02 Jun 2014

                        I had this phone from 2004 to 2008. The Phone was Great. My One and Only Nokia Experience. Miss this Phone :D

                          • a
                          • alex
                          • uS@
                          • 30 Apr 2014

                          Favorite phone those were the days miss my 3200

                            • s
                            • suzi
                            • 9xm
                            • 17 Feb 2014

                            my first phone then replased wit s.e j200

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • P%u
                              • 05 Jan 2014

                              I really never had this phone but back in the day when this phone was released i really really wanted this phone because of the advertisement of this phone the two girls who encountered an UFO and alien, it's so cute so i really wanted this phone when i saw that ad on TV but i was just a kid and my mom won't buy me that phone. good old days :)

                                • G
                                • GANESH
                                • sSK
                                • 08 Nov 2013

                                my first phone. first click from a mobile cam. it was amazing experience

                                  • S
                                  • SHTR
                                  • nX%
                                  • 19 Sep 2013

                                  AnonD-180726, 31 Aug 2013my second phoneMine too

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-180726
                                    • gC7
                                    • 31 Aug 2013

                                    my second phone

                                      • M
                                      • Murgo
                                      • thu
                                      • 06 Jul 2013

                                      my first phone ever..

                                        • r
                                        • riou06
                                        • FMY
                                        • 02 Jan 2013

                                        Worst keyboard everrrrr. Having boils in your fingers is the next thing that will happen to you after buying this. But this is phone is very reliable I must say.