Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200

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  • anand

hi! m having dis fone for 2 yrs. gr8 fone. havn't found any substitute 4 dis. can any body help. want all feat of this in next foen + mem card, bluetooth, megapixel camera with zoom.

pls. help.

  • rami

i can record my calls on the phone by pressing options when u're talking then press record .. i like it so much and i got it since a year .. i'll never abandon it ..

thanx alot

  • Deon

Someone told me that one can record an incoming conversation.
ie. if Bob calls Sarah (she owns Nokia 3200) Sarah could record whatever Bob spoke to her about(ie. the incoming conversation) - is this possible?

If it is - how come Samsung D500 does not have this option?



  • Jenn

I've got this phone and I love it :D the camera is average quality - not amazing but it's decent I've emailed photos to my pc and they're good. I'm storing 27 photos at the moment and I can store more - it depends on what else you have on your phone, if you have loads of text messages you can't save that many photos, got 34 text messages and 2 multimedia messages. more memory would be great though. The torch is really handy. The sound quality isn't very good but it's not bad. I love the games - virtual me and bounce, and can download more off the internet. I have no problems with the buttons at all, i love them and stops people from wanting to send texts off my phone! It's difficult to see when it's really bright, but that happens on loads of phones. A really kool part of the phone is you can make your own cover, I've got the blue cover that came with (holographic!) and a guitar pick in, just in case I want to play my guitar and can't find one. HOWEVER my phone broke a month after 1 year, when someone rings me, I have to put it on loadspeaker otherwise I can't hear them, but everything else soundwise if fine. and the infrared is really good too, send pictures for free :D I love my phone soooo much if it had bluetooth, video, better sound, more memory, and that kool wavey thing on the 3220 it would be perfect. Shame it's broken :( great phone.

  • Jamil

i have had this fone 4 2 years its good if u want a fone with a camera that doesnt work hardly no space and annoying buttons othawise ITS GREAT

  • SHAM

Plz change the key pad.

  • icko

i've been using this phone for almost a year, the size is just 1mb so you can only save few photos, and the pictures are not good.

  • Anonymous

A decent phone with basic features. not easy to break.

Its a good series 40 implementation.

  • Suresh

The phone is very cool!!!
nokia 3200 this panel & keypad is not good. pls anybody answer if any panel is set the phone???

  • Anonymous

Iíve had this phone fore like 1-2years now and there camera is crap as!! The memory is hardly enough for 8 standard pictures and you canít see anything when you use the phone outdoors. outta 10 i give it a 1.5.

  • SkyWalker

In using this phone for past 2years..
Phone quality GOOD.
Sound not so.
Color not that good.
Camera not very sharp.
Flash light very usefull.
Function GOOD.
User friendly.
If u'll wanna buy tis phone for Camera and Sound.. Pls dont..
If for other function.. that thats good. TQ

  • Anonymous

the ecellent phone i have ever used in my life time

  • kimi

its absolutly hidious!!

  • Mudaser Hussein

What do i say.....?em damn fi9 with nokia grabs the heart--have you tried?
just take it up,and you will see,how calm it is to go with 3200.incredibly stunning!

  • Mudaser Hussein

i have been using this mobile since last 2 years,to the truth'this is the best one.


  • suzan

my sister has its so great and mad but once u have 4 too long the camera pixels will turn to another color if u want a fone with a good camera dont buy dis!!

  • Mihai_Bobby

It's a good phone, but only if you buy it just to talk and maybe hear a Radio has a flashlight in case you lose your keys at night. If you buy it 4 the camera u'll be unsatisfyed.

  • dick

this phone is the best

  • F.R.

i always come back 2 nokia s phones, they just rule!...3200 it s all good 4 it s price, and even, radio, hands free, voice memo, quality on cam good for 4000 crs. that has.
again, i ve tried other brands, nokia is the best, by far!!...the only thing, prices here in argentina suck!!!!..$320 argentine pesos 4 this cell?!?!!..pre paid! and made in mexico or brazil..imagine paying 320 dollars or euros 4 this one....craaaaaazy!

  • ovidel46

best tel ever, when I bought this one a 2 years ago, I looked for: MMS camera, Flashlight and Stereo FM.
Now after 2 years ,at a resonable price and size, the only phones that can find those things are k750i/k800i.. SE,668x(maybe)
2 years and still they haven't found a way to make a better one.
320x. Camera, small memory.. (MMS network has 120x..)if you need Mp get a real digital camera maybe a SONY T9 (small and compact)
and the customize "faces" define my moods perfectly..
I will post the "better" phone here, when I will find it..