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  • Anonymous

mp3 on the 6630 can be set as ringing tone. pls check well before posting in order to avoid misleading others.

  • Anonymous

how about comparing the sound of both phones using the stereo headset? would u dare to say that 3230 sound IS THE SAME as 6630 for MP3 playback???????

  • Anonymous

other than no radio and no infrared, u are actually saying that 6630 is WORST than 3230? who are u talking to? u can confirm that the sound of 3230 is EXACTLY the same quality as 6630 AFTER firmware upgrade? could u CONFIRM it frankly?

  • Farhan

Hi Krystal,

U can't exit a program by just pressing the red button. U probably open too many program. The memory out warning is not refering to ur memory card space but rather ur phone RAM.

A quick way to see what program is opened is by pressing and holding the menu button for about 2s. To close any of the program, u can scroll to that program and press c. Or u wanna jump to any of the programs, scroll to it and press the joystick select button.

  • m@CK

music palyback of 3230 is stereo..100% true....dont buy 6630...this fone infrared...mp3 cannot be set as ringging tone....

  • Anonymous

are u sure that the mp3 playback is stereo AND as good as the 6630? how could this be possible?? is mp3 playback stereo or is it simply the sound is not as horrible? i have read that stereo mp3 playback requires some hardware in the phone so is it really true that a software upgrade can truly turn mono mp3 to stereo???? my 3230 had very unacceptable mp3 playback quality. pls explain thanks.

  • Krystal Smith

My boyfriend recently purchased the N3230 and hasn't installed any new programs but when he tries to take pics or play games it says "memory space full - close some applications and try again". Does any1 know what to do?

  • SS Nair

I found lot of complaints in my phone.
Some of them are
1. very very poor MP3/radio quality
2. mp3 volumw will be maximum if I receive/dial a number inbetween. Have to restart the phone for normal operation.
3. Poor photo quality
4. Very slow operation, Will take 1 min to start from switch off condition
5.Mono mp3
6. Buggy firmware
7. Very very poor response/service from Nokia India.

Only plus point in 3230 phone is built strong and display is good.

I brought the phone a week ago and Day after I found these complaints in this set and I asked Nokia for a service/replacement. I got very intresting replay from Nokia that firmware is fault and New firmware not yet released, Nokia dont have a replacement policy.

I am thinking wot to do... Plzz suggest..

  • TC

Protection only on system files and some media files.... u won't be able to send .sis .jar .mid by nature (which i think is what we normally want to send).

Solution to this is, get urself a software called ProfiMail. U can forget about the ProfiMail program after installing (if u don't use it). But this program give u a free program called ProfiExplorer. With it, u can send all kinds of files. Very nice explorer too.

The other solution will be changing the extension name of ur file but very troublesome and at the receiving side u need to rename again.

So, no need to think. ProfiExplorer is a must for our phone!

  • Gen2s

My 3230 just 6 mth. Just upgred ver 4.Good can se live tv, movie trailer,live trafik info. Video clip full scren.But for live tv real player cannot full scren, why. Any of you can get full scren real player. Help me.Tq.

  • Faisal

how can i send MIDI files from my 3230 to other devices through bluetooth,infrared etc... it always says that the files are protected :|... and when i send the same files from K700 or my PC my cell phone receieves them .

why does it say protected on all files ?

  • Tolick

Is there any video player .sis wich can play this video formats: .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .mpg from phone? help me pls.

  • Farhan

Hey, Whats wrong with the battery, it dies very quickly.. is it a bug in this model or the battery is bad.. It gives me hardly 2 days after full charging.

  • Anonymous

My freind has a nokia 3230 but i have a 6630!!! The 6630 is buy far the better phone. 3230 is very slow from menu to menu. Bluetooth sometimes does not operate on the 3230. Dust gets underneath the screen on the 3230 so it is very hard to come out. The loudspeaker is very poor for mp3's. It is heavy phone. I highly reccomend the 6630 as they are of similar value. i also have 512mb in my 6630!!the 3230 can only cope with 256.

  • Ardi

Hi Ira_One2,

I went to Nokia Service Center last night and do you want to know what they said ?

I must wait for at least 2 weeks for motherboard replacement ! No replacement for the unit.

I can say that you are very lucky if they changed your phone in the next day.

But I am still wondering, how come this phone has a quality like this and no one (both dealer and Nokia) did not want to take any responsibility but keep me waiting for 2 weeks ?

I hope this case would never happen to everyone else.

  • sharath

i got this fone 3 weeks back it was very cool the best desigen n really cool
but recently i istalled a crickeet game it was cool n i enjoyed playin but recently i dont kno hw but by memorysick ot hanged so i asked few of my frendz who also have gud fones they advieced me 2 format it n i did so but soon i kept getting the infi that the memory stick is coroupted could u please mail n tell me want 2 do i am in real need on ur avice but please mail me please thnx

  • Yogesh

Hi, I am planning to buy 3230 or 6630. Can anyone plz tell me which is effective. with respect to Speed, Clarity, video recording..???

  • [23]

hey Mack:
which ctry are u from? and wats the firmware version of ur 3230? (*#0000# to check)
I'm juz curious abt the stereo sound quality abt ur 3230.

  • Tolick

Is there any video player .sis wich can play .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .mpg from phone? help me pls.

  • ira_one2


I experienced the same. Screen went blank with white background. Bring it to Nokia service center and was fixed the next day. Now, no problem except that it is damn slow for a new tech phone.....