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  • mr X

iam so disapointed of being this nokia3230 owner..too much problems..not vibrate for msg in silent mode(i didnt see the advantage of this feature)..beeb b4 ringing(is this OS failure or what)..dusty under screen sheild(unforgiving mistake)..i think if i use this phone more than 2 year the dust will totally block the LCD screen..sound..nokia6670 slightly has better sound quality..i dont know what to say about this phone..fortunately this phone got megapixel camera, vis. radio and infrared port..hopely nokia will do something for nokia3230 users.thanx.

  • winedog

Does this card use or support DV RS-MMC? Will using a DV RS-MMC increase battery life? Or not make any difference?

  • Irish

Can we veiw word,excel,ppt or pdf files in this phone? can html sites be viewed as we can on our PC? Please --- tell me which one is beeter among these...6670;7610or 3230

  • TC

In my opinion, having 1280x1024 is not that important to me. Basically a standard image size should be of the ratio 4:3 i.e. 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200.... and so on... so what's the point having 1280x1024. What I hope to know is, is there any software that can capture image at 1280x960 but without picture distortion problem. Hopefully Nokia can do something.

BTW, there's this nice program called FExplorer. For those who haven't has it, you can get it at
This is an alternative program to your file manager. But do use it with care cause you get to "see" many folders which you don't when using file manager. Just make sure you don't simply delete files around. There's a feature called "compress memory" which may be benificial to some people. I like the Phone Restart function where I use it to give my phone a quick restart whenever my loudspeaker volume control went crazy (i.e. sound level same when set at level 1 or level 10). BTW, anyone having the same problem??

  • mimi

Guys how can I store contact numbers in my memory card?? Pls help thx

  • Peter

Do you guys know how to disable bip signal bigfore receiving phone calls?And it would be great if any of you can send me code to remove sign "Unregistered Version" from pvPlayer.Thank you

  • alexa

did you mean inserting contacts in the body of the sms?

  • Kenny

Do anyone have the smartLauncher full version? Can any kind people send to me..
Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Can someone update ur phone with the lastest firmware and tell us wad is the diff

  • boeing555

well ,guys I recently brought the NOKIA 3230---and found that the camera is good---however the disturbing part of the nokia phone is that whenever my friend sends me a blue tooth message I receive it in the inbox--- which is the phone memory--now the phone's internal memory is 6 MB---if i want a song of 5.52 MB--- i have a free phone memory of 5.2 Mb of a total 6 MB---now that is awesome ---because see, i have hardly stored anything on my phone memory---however any song via bluetooth if it is of 5.52 MB ---then after sometime my phone says please delete some deleting this small data is not possible and why should i completely empty my phone memory ,in order to get a song of 5.52 MB on the phone memory----so will I never be able to receive any song via bluetooth on my mobile!!!????
MY card memeory is 30 MB!!!
so how should i make my default memory as card memory so if i recive a bluetooth song on my mobile , i will get it directly on my card memory instead of the phone memory

HOW can I make my default memory as CARD memory and not the phone memory so that whatever bluetooth song I receive can go directly to the card memeory (gallery,---for example) and not to the phone memory---
Please let me know of
any software or the firmware which can do this---
is there any setting on the mobile which can make my memory in use as my card memory!!!

2.>> which version of the PC SUITE should I use as I have a IVT BLUETOOTH ADAPTER ..
is it possible for me to save messages from my mobile to my P.C and how can i restore them on my mobile again---
is this feature possible???
are there any special settings

my P.C suite is the latest version which I downloaded from the website on 30th apr 2005 says that my phone is disconnected and no supported phones.

PLEASE let me know at the earliest so that i can do the necessary changes---

waiting eagerly for expert comments at the earliest!!!

  • mundo

guys, does any1 of u knows how to insert contacts when composing new message (SMS)?

  • Mr T

By the do i check the version of my cell phone??

  • Mr T

Thanks alot Aagah..

  • superman

i've got version 3.0510.0 and the new firmware version you guys said was 3.0510.2 there is only difference behind the .0 and .2 . lol does this means anything . i hope nokia fix all the bugs =) *cheers*

  • Aagah

Mr T,
There is no such application called PEAAKTOP installed in my cell, so it must be some app. which you have tried to install. I think its pretty safe to delete it. To be on the safer side, create a backup in your comp using PC suit, so that just in case any problem arises, you can always reinstall.

  • Mr T

Nay i know what is the PEAAKTOP in the application manager?? can i delete it away? or was it something useful?

  • Aagah

Ya it must be coz the previous one was v3.0505.2 which most of us have and this one is v3.0510.2. So it does sound like an update to me :-)

  • Anonymous

I'm still sceptical if the gal over the phone quoted the correct version.

I asked her twice..'you're very sure its the latest?"

"yes it is."

  • Aagah

Wow PFM9:
The much awaited firmware update has arrived finally !!!! But we must see what it has got to offer, and not start celebrating before actually testing it ...

  • Anonymous

HMM! I jus called nokia careline (singapore)...oh by the way..their number's changed to 65125771 and the version quoted is v3.05102!

gal said its e latest!...hmMMmMMmM...