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Nokia 3230

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  • Anonymous

HMM! I jus called nokia careline (singapore)...oh by the way..their number's changed to 65125771 and the version quoted is v3.05102!

gal said its e latest!...hmMMmMMmM...

  • Cambridge

hmm..using e app that Aagah recommended...while the pictures aren't in that stupid compressed look already..the image quality is lower if one uses the normal camera function.

  • alexa

you can transfer contact numbers from 6260 to 3230 using bluetooth.

  • nasako

I just got this excellent phone and I wonder if I can store contact numbers in the memory card?

  • Aagah

Guys, i'm facing a huge problem here. I'm able to change the alarm tone at will to any given file be it a standard Nokia one or be it an MP3. But what i wanna ask is that how do you increase the volume of this function as i could not find this option neither in the phone settings nor in the help topics. Thank you in advance...

  • d

whats the diff between mono mp3 and regular mo3 player(ive seen in the phones specs that it has mono mp3).

  • Anonymous


U noe wat? many apps that we install to the phone need not be restarted but can be used immediately with the results received.

however, for that program, strangely the phone has to be restarted.

SO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!

  • Exodus

The phone is exccelent

  • Anonymous


ur question has been discussed before. go read up the previous posts.

  • Sidharth Kataria

hey people (all having the 3230)...i have just ONE query...does ur phone vibrate(in the silent mode)when u recieve a message?? i tried making profiles and even tried using different ones....but nothing works....please if its only with my phone then i can get it checked

thank you

  • Aagah

To PFM9:
One thing that has worked for me over the past few days is, "SWITCH IT OFF" and then "TURN IT ON AGAIN" !!!!!

  • Anonymous

how to free up more ram?

I have no applications running at the background and it says 'low memory'

  • Aagah

Great catch r00shan,
The software captures pics at 1280x1024 indeed. Please do keep posting such updates. But i did not see any drastic differance in the picture quality but still its a matter of .8 mega pixel between 1.23 and 1.31 Mega pixel !!!

  • r00shan the problem of compressed pictuires is solved by a software named zunfat..and it shoots the images in 1280x1024 ...we can download it from

  • Just

Just got my 3230. Can any1 advise how do I disable the camera snapshot sound, I mean the "jut-jut" sound.

  • Aagah

Hey kholio:
Thanks for your prompt response man, but its a pity that i could make little use of that link as i couldn't make head or tail of what was written in that site in arabic. Sorry, I don't mean to be offensive, but if you know any other site which is as good, please do post them so that we can also make good use of it :-)

  • Aagah

I have a small request to the 6230i,6630 and fans of models other than Nokia 3230 to go and sing the praise of these handsets in their respective forums rather than basking on its glory here were none of us are ready to appriciate it. Thank u in advance....

  • irene

Pls tell me how many numbers this phone can store? CAn I store the nmber in memory card or just in internal phone memory?

  • Peter

Nokia 3230 is the best but there is one thing that I am not able to play movies on full screen Only pvPlayer lets you to do that.
Can anybody send me instalation for pvPlayer 3.3.01 ? Thanks

  • bassam

i ve 6260 and i bought today 3230, any one can guide me how can i copy my contacts to the new mobile