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Nokia 3310

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Anonymous, 25 Oct 2018Does anyone know where to get a battery for this phone?You mean a new brick?

The "meme" phone

Snake II and Space Impact are still the best mobile games ever made.

  • Ben

I´d had two of them, the first one gets into the washing machine and I bought the second.
Days after I try to start the washed one and it worked!!!

  • madguy123

The only way to destroy this phone is throwing into volcano

My first phone ever

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know where to get a battery for this phone?

  • Joe

venkatesh, 05 Oct 2018Hi. I have nokia 3310 old version, But not using on vodafone s... morevodafone has shut of 2g network coverage on all phones. Because of this you will have to update your phone but Vodafone will update your sim for free to 3g/4g for free

  • olly

gabru, 05 Oct 2018can i use pubg in this phone?/?????sup

  • ED

It suddenly shuts off whenever im listening to music or talking with a person; it does this always, and when i say always, its ALWAYS and im pissed off. What shpuld I do? Please help.

  • venkatesh

Hi. I have nokia 3310 old version, But not using on vodafone sim card, Please help this problem

  • gabru

can i use pubg in this phone?/?????

[deleted post]OMG :D:D:D that reply and your username made my day, thanks! :)


I still remember the days when I use this phone for spamming messages using unlimited texting here in PHL


I'm still using this phone and Space Impact game is better than mobile legends

  • Steve Jobs

Cool phone :-)

A true classic.

What did the original box from 2000 from Nokia that this phone came in look like?

  • bhatti

av, 08 Nov 2004wiked fone. Never can hav a problem wiv it. Nobody say anythin b... moreafter unlocking keyguard, it's unusually locked, I am trying trying,, no function button available, up the double tap to the flashlight, down contents, right SMS, left, more function, did you noticed?

  • AnonD-754997

best phone ever that i have ever seen