Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • AnonD-207932

true legend!

  • raj mahur

it was my first cell.I can't forget it

  • AnonD-188869

Use Brute Force

  • Revolution7

AnonD-127115, 15 Nov 2013can someone tell me how to reboot to recovery and flash a custom... moreGreat good phone but can I specify the distance of it's communication?

  • AnonD-127115

can someone tell me how to reboot to recovery and flash a custom rom in my 3310? :) I want Android 4.4 KitKat.

  • R.R.

i was addicted to the starship game...

  • Lol

First phone ever... This hammer like phone saved my life twice.. Used it as a self defence tool and used it to escape house fire

  • phone hunter

yeahman, 24 Jul 2012i love the autofocus and triple led flash for high quality video... moreare you trying to crack a joke.... good try bt its failed...

  • jindal

great phone used for years

  • CVX

I had it years ago. High quality, reliable cell phone. Some say that you could crush a building with it...


ei answer!!!!!!!!!!

  • user

Nowadays phone isn't phone anymore.. It's a multimedia tool. This one was just a classic,love it!

  • AnonD-195378

One of best mobile phone I ever had... Great quality calls, faster sms writing and evergreen style... I loved it!

  • foufa

it`s amazing mobile phone it has good quality

  • AnonD-195141

very simple , it was also very strong but I wonder why it was hanging sometimes and restart ?!

  • dsk

you can use it in case of emergency like breaking the glass of window.
I love this phone.

  • AnonD-194302

AnonD-164203, 13 Jul 2013Q: How do I find my IMEI number on Nokia 3310? A: Press *#06#, ... morelol :P

  • AnonD-194302

once upon a time..... long long ago.... i used this brick mobile. wow!!!!

  • Anonymous

I want one of these :D

  • Anonymous

AnonD-191408, 28 Sep 2013a very good first mobile.i like it much.i dont thi... moreMy grandmother still uses it :)