Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • milosh

have a battery 900 mAh made in 2000 great

  • jasketa

Malan, 19 Dec 2013Best Phone EVER............this phone internet is verry fast 28.8mbs and you tube.facebook many websites and41 mega pixels cemara frone 12 mp .i love this lumea 3310

  • Killer Drama

Mr Min, 17 Dec 2013Does this phone have flash ?Yes Bro this phone has a superb flash with 100 MP magical camera...!!!

  • Malan

Best Phone EVER............

  • faiz


  • Mr Min

Does this phone have flash ?

  • saif

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2013how to update it to iOS 7 ?u have to jailbreak it. other wise not possible. to jailbreak you nokia 3310 please google it.

Hope this helps... :p

  • Anonymous

how to update it to iOS 7 ?

The best of the best.

  • Ayub

My friend's first fone

  • MadMax

What's the first thing that spoils at Nokia 3310? Owner :)

  • Random Geezer

Drop An Iphone... Breaks The Screen...
Drop A Nokia... Breaks The Floor...

***True Story***

  • ME

yea .. realy love this fhone .. True legends .....

  • blackpanther

True legend... Still love this phone..

  • blackpanther

The best phone on the face of this earth

  • Anymous

this is the tuffest phone ever known

  • AnonD-207932

true legend!

  • raj mahur

it was my first cell.I can't forget it

  • AnonD-188869

Use Brute Force

  • Revolution7

AnonD-127115, 15 Nov 2013can someone tell me how to reboot to recovery and flash a custom... moreGreat good phone but can I specify the distance of it's communication?