Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

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  • deboywama

this was my first phone since I was 8 years old and I really love it! now i am 10 years old i have another phone that is a sony ericsson T230 and I hate it! i love my nokia 3310 better than SE! NOKIA FOREVER!!

  • tommiejboy

this is by far the best mobile phone ever made, i mean you could drop it from like 2 meters, it would break apart just put it back together and it works again, washing machines? no problem, the functionality, design, and the overall phone is just best ever made!

  • Johnny

lol by the august its seven years old... almost the same as my bro... hahas
im almost thirteen and me friends have new ones and they think mines crap... but lets see who wins at the sixty cm drops...and although many say it aint built for features i constantly remind them that their phone will be as "outdated", "old fashoined" as mine by 2015 or something...

maybe i may even have this baby by then. ive me and this phone have come a long way :)

ps- this was my mom's and i got my hands on it 2 years plus ago.

  • ingro

legendary i would say that this is one of the greatest disgns nokia has ever came up with and great work guys

  • Dani


i owned one and dayum it coped with sooooooooooooo much beating!

Legendary phone, il always remember mine

Nokia just blew me away at the time at that time was like 2002 now its 2008

Nokia the great

  • estonia

in estonia is sold this phone 25 kr

  • MGC

ahh my first phone, brings back many memories:)

  • Anonymous

This is a great phone, it is extreemly solid and reliable, in Tunisia it is considered the best for Workers, it will keep working even after many falls, or getting wet.

  • nokia 3310

awesome phone recently found my old nokia 3310 and it's still works great!

  • Sv

one of the best mobile phones, the design is sweet and it lasts long!i have been using it since 9 years and its still same, real durable phone!i just love it!

  • Rose

Roshen: It works perfectly fine in the UK. I used it there and I bought mine overseas.

  • Rose

I agree with wifree, this phone is one of Nokia's classics. This was my first phone and to this day I still love it, would be nice to have all the latest features on an exact model of this phone. All the older Nokia have have great designs- not found at all in todays phones.. most of them being in the boring block shapes.

  • wifree

N3310 works on all UK networks except 3G. IMO the best basic phone since 2000 till today. Only its battery will wear off. This handset seems to last forever! You can get it second-hand for about 15 or less online. Worth every penny!

  • eddie

please if its possible bring back these phone

  • RoshanM

Does anyone know if this phone will work in the UK? I'm told the UK needs a tri-band phone, but the 3310 is a dual-band..

  • Ed

Has been ma fon since 2004, &stil ma back up secondary fon. Survived a 1story fall! Lol
Bt stil going gud.
The Best of E Oldies:-)
Cheers to Nokia!

  • Jaliya48

Great phone! I'm using it from 2004, lost it once & got it back, & survived a two story fall. Right now i've used up my 4th battery & have to replace it(That's the only problem)but other than that it's one helluva phone. I plan to use it till the end of civilization!

  • potwash

well no the 3210 had no antennae! but this fone was the daddy of all non colour screeners!!!

  • Muz

This was my first ever phone, i loved this phone. Please don't dis this phone it was amazing!! Obviously a little out of date now but it served its purpose- and it did it well too!!

  • Anonymous

first mobile phone without antenna!!