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  • Anonymous

Very sad. I tried to put my digital COVID Certificate from EU (QR-Code) on my Nokia 3310. A check showed that the QR-Code cannot be read. Obviously the display of Nokia 3310 is not sufficient.

  • Anonymous

3G, 26 May 2021GoodI tried to download simple videos on nokia 3310 and when i tried to watch them, i could only hear the sound but could'nt see anything accept a dark screen,that was irritating.

  • Anonymous

MisthaLu, 05 Jan 2020I've tried a few Android smartphones but never found them p... moreNokia 3310 3g singl sim

  • Vin

The NOKIA 3310 feels and looks durable, I like the keymat it's easy to use and makes no loud sound. What I don't like is the bluetooth 2.1 come on it is too slow this should have atleast bluetooth version 4 and the 3G of the dual sim is only supported for the sim 1 the sim 2 is just 2G. What I really like the most about this phone is its free headphone, I like to use it in 4G hd sound smartphone because it's so clear soft loud sound that doesn't hurt my hearing.

  • 3G

Anonymous, 28 Feb 20213310 you have is not 3G its 2GGood

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2020My 3310 2019 i cant download or use java app and it doesnt ... more3310 you have is not 3G its 2G

Long battery life, decent sound quality, fits in a pocket — overall I'm satisfied with the phone. Reliable reserve phone for basic stuff if smart phone's accumulator gets discharged.
I put 32 GB micro SD card in it. No other use except photo storage have I discovered by now.

The only drawback which really frustrates me is a very limited amount of sms. I've got to delete them periodically to be able to receive new ones.

  • Bryan

Its the closest thing that i could find to replace my nokia 2126 i that will always be my favorite but i wish i could get those ringtones on this nokia 3310 3g with out a good battery for my other one the charger port is broke but it still powers up with the message service disabled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2020My 3310 2019 i cant download or use java app and it doesnt ... morenot supported

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2019Yey! They bringed back the classic! I'm happy with this! My 3310 2019 i cant download or use java app and it doesnt come with facebook app what is the problem? Is it that it does not surppot it or what is the problem.

  • Anonymous

In my opinion, internet browsing is only for touchscreen mobile phones and NOT in this keypad ones! There is no use being a 3G since (in my own opinion, experience & intent of its use) I personally won't use it for internet because it has limited screen for browsing and keypads navigation is very limitedly and awkwardly not at ease in browsing as well as you won't be happy with its speed. So I solely use this in call & text, alarms, calculation, note taking, emergency backup, etc.

I bought this Nokia 3310 3G Model# TA1006. And I thought it has the same feature (that I like) with Nokia 3310 2G Model# TA1030. But to my dismay, the Nokia 3310 3G (released Oct/Sept 2017) was like a mobile Nokia phone that has been sloppily manufactured - the work of sloppy and lazy manufacturer.

These following feature has been removed:
😩The 4 navigational keypad (the up & down, right & left navigation at the center, at the top side of number keypad) is of little use.
😩The General, Loud, Mute, Discreet Sound Profiles (the DO NOT DISTURB feature in touchscreen mobiles) is gone. So when I set it to mute when I sleep (I use this feature to avoid prank callers waking me up at night as my phone is always set to Loud Profiles), it automatically expires & return to Loud Profiles at the set time (present in Nokia 101 & Nokia 3310 2G TA1030 & "absent" to Nokia 3310 3G).
😩The "go to" left and right key has limited options.
😩Its sound quality is not as good as Nokia 3310 2G/Nokia 101 and not that loud.
😩Opening the message has limited navigational options.
😩Note (for taking notes) has been removed or not added.
😔The settings for having different ring tones & text message tones for each sim (sim 1 & sim 2) cannot be personalized & or missing. So I cannot tell beforehand whether a message or call is from Sim1 or Sim2.

Therefore I conclude: the former manufacturer of Nokia Phones are much thoughtful to take into consideration the things I mentioned above.

One thing I also thought they should also take into consideration is to add back: the SEND LATER option & SEND TO GROUP text message option.

  • brian

holy christ?!!!!where are nokia going to hopes we lost

  • gmc

Bluetooth is useless

  • mayo

Waqas, 24 Sep 2020I am using this mobile but suddnly one off my sim card is s... morewaqass is that you? i also use this buy i found the battery being faulty now. i just charged it today and at night i found it dead? so i charged it again and will observe. this only happened after i switched to 3g only mode...

the sim1 can be 3g and sim2 is only 2g...

  • Waqas

I am using this mobile but suddnly one off my sim card is stoped i am using itwith single sim card.does anyone have the sloutuon please

  • patch

Cada 99, 10 Mar 2020Yes, for some reason I also have this issue. It is an incon... moreNo, I never found a solution.

I think they are selling at least three different versions of the 3310 3G, with at least two different operating systems, and at least one of those operating systems simply does not support Java apps. Unless they let us flash a different operating system onto it, I think that's that.

(There are also the 2G and 4G models, which also run different operating systems, but I'm just talking about the multiple versions of the 3G model.)

Sam Smeagol, 09 Jul 2020Purchased the 3310 3G a few months ago. It's useless. ... moreif you dont know how to type on a T9 keypad then this phone is not for you....
1(symbols) 2abc 3def
4ghi 5jkl 6mno
7pqrs 8tuv 9wxyz
*all symbols 0space/enter #change input

  • Segun

Does anyone know if 2g keypad will work for 3g

  • Sam Smeagol

Purchased the 3310 3G a few months ago. It's useless. The backlight function renders the keypad unreadable in daylight. There should be separate backlights for the screen and keypad. It's difficult to see the contents of the screen on a sunny day - maybe black font on a white background would be better than white on black. I'll try to trade it in for something that is actually usable as a phone.

  • Vicky k roy

Cada 99, 10 Mar 2020Yes, for some reason I also have this issue. It is an incon... more3310