Nokia 3330

Nokia 3330

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  • Spear 5893

My wife absolutely loves this cell phone! It is now on it's third battery, and just goes on and on. Has to be one of Nokia's best phones of all time.

  • a human of sorts

omg i love it, i got it out of a bin for free at wireless wave

  • Anonymous

Very good phaone

  • Anonymous

Got mine this year cause i washed my L2, and it's still running better then any of my other phones.
best 30(aus) bucks i ever spent!:)

  • Sash

Just change the battery :D

  • julie

I've now had mine for 7 years and went to buy a new phone has started to turn itself off .... any comments? I came back empty handed coz I still think my oldie is better... will wait until she has completely died :)

  • Anonymous

Most reliable phone ever,mine is 8 years old in perfect working order.

  • Anonymous

This is the only phone I've ever had. It's lasted me for almost 7 years now and is good as new. It may not have all the bells and whistles but it is durable and dependable.

  • f

this is the best phone that nokia ever made

  • simo5524

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2008i love it, but i can buy it nowhere…Hi
I actually have one but I don't know how much it sells for nowadays. I have it for 6 years now and it's as good as new. I changed the Li-Ion battery :)

  • Bill

Definitely an IPhone 3G killer, this is the device that everyone should have cued up for last Friday instead of IPhone 3G. The interface is is easy as ever to use, the pixels are mind blowing for a phone its age and the games are awesome, esepcially snake II. This should definitely be the recognised vintage mobile.

  • Anonymous

i love it, but i can buy it nowhere…

  • 3330 LOVER

Yeh James, have you got this? its my fave, i love it

  • james

Yes, I Agree.

  • Anonymous

i love the sound and vibration,,, great

  • Anonymous

you should try the upgrade to this dude, it has snake 2!

  • Anonymous

this h/s is the most greatest h/s ever it rules! i love snake!

  • Anonymous

yeh man this totally rules! xxx

  • may

it's true very durable. my 3330 is now 6yr old and still working. I bought it 2001.

  • lechatnoir

Will Lau, 06 Apr 2008Ahhh, the ole vintage phone that lasted for many years. This rea... moreOMG! I can't belive there are nostalgic here too lol! I am looking for that mobile phone as well.