Nokia 3510

Nokia 3510

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  • Adam

the phones great but does anyone have any problems with the ringtones being too quiet?


hello, is anybody want to sell this nice cell then contact me on 9820256480

  • meth

damn, what am i supposed to do with it without InfraRed or Bluetooth ?!

  • Huh

A phone for poor people? Are you nuts? I have money enough but I really like this phone and spend my other money on more important things. Some people are so stupid. You go ahead and get yourself the latest 7210 and people certainly will think you are a very wealthy person. Pffff, some people are so stupid...

  • IkenHuub

This phone kicks ass and is way better then the stupid 5 and 8 series. This phone (I have the white one) makes heads turn and the ringtones are great. A great phone for a low price and it does what it should do. I have a laptop for those other things! Too bad it didn't got java :(

  • tekkel

Nice phone but it's having still some major software bugs like freezing screensaver -> but the sound is excellent

  • Nokia Fan

This phone costs $203 in the markets.

  • Anonymous

a new plastic toy,a new best seller for students,teens.functions are good,dimensions are big and in 8 month half of the gsm world will own this model.this model was made for massive sales,for poor people.

  • Ali Salem

This mobile is better than nokia 3330 in his new games,covers,wap1.2.1,,and GPRS

  • Dotto

Hey I would like to know how much this phone and/or the 3410 will cost and when it is coming out in Australia, if anyone knows plz email me. If you only know the price in €Euros/£Pounds/US$ tell me the price anyway thanx

  • Anonymous

looks to much like 3310 and 3330 all they did was change the coverthe best nokia phone out is the

  • KtJ

i have fallen in love (if that possible) wot price is that phone?

  • I will remain namele

this is all you can come up with.
i am having signal problems (work better with outside antenna)

  • Maria

Could u please tell me when the 3510, 3410 & the 3350 will be available to buy in the Republic of Ireland.

  • dennis

how much is this phone in U.S. dollars? Does anyone here knows its price range? Help. Thanks.

  • Anonymous


  • kenny

i hate this phone why don't NOOOOKKKKKKKKIA make small light phones 8- series and make their backlight blue or white and a more fashionable cover

  • jay

games r cool

  • Anonymous

When is the phone coming out?? I have customers wanting to know.

  • Jesmond

can u tell me nokia3510 can composed ring tone ?pls tell me,email to me Thank u very much !