Nokia 3510

Nokia 3510

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  • Nokia 3330WAP. =(

Are this (STRONG) phone-model?.
Nokia 3310/3330WAP-models (not are)!!. =(

  • ananth

a very good phone

  • Yoda

This piece of shit was released in Romania along with "Star Wars - War of the Clones" is this irony or what? I guess the PR "experts" at Nokia finally got that the joke was on 'em and played along! laughed my ass off! "maybe better and more different phones learn to build Nokia should! not fool with the force shall thou!"lool

  • ramas

this is cool

  • eric

im really wondering why nokia is not making an ALL IN ONE phone like what ericsson, samsung and sendo did? NOkia is really fooling consumers with their "SO MANY MODELS".

  • Nelu

The best


I want that!,Nokia 3510WAP-/GPRS-model!.

  • XShadow

I don't know why 3410 has Java and 3510 has not. Why did you release 2 phones that combined would be something great (the looks of 3410 + features of 3510 + java) but apart are shit???

  • daniel

The best phone money can buy!!!

  • anonymous

This mobile really sux. It is terribly designed and has no cool features.
I'd rather buy T68!!!!!!!!

  • XShadow

i almost forgot... change the display light. make it blue/white and certainly not orange/green. by the way, the keyboard layout sucks! a lot!

  • XShadow

Functions look good. I hope it will have polyphonic composer and picture/logo editor. As for the exterior... IT COULD USE SOME IMPROVEMENT. SAME MISTAKE AS WITH 8310. Nokia, what happened?

  • Haven't we seen this

Yo, could anyone call Nokia an wake 'em up?! It's as if the company's bein' run by some of those Gremlins-creatures with no imagination, but with an repetitive urge to produce the same old phone in retard-like designed covers...

  • Anonymous

An extreamly shit mobile phone

  • jensen

continuing 3-series crap. Bwehh...

  • bharatjv

an extremly versatile mobile