Nokia 3510

Nokia 3510

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  • lotydot

Angel, 23 Dec 2011Where and how did you do the upgrade plz? Thank you!how do i update my phone

  • Anonymous

Had some very good games and was one of the most sturdy mobile phones I ever owned.

  • Angel

Anonymous, 06 May 2011i loved my 3510, from this i upgraded to the 3510i, colours... moreWhere and how did you do the upgrade plz? Thank you!

  • Marc

I have my 3510 still in use every day ! It's my second phone in 12 years...

  • Anonymous

i loved my 3510, from this i upgraded to the 3510i, colourscreen bby,

  • Jammy

I still do have one in my cupboard to cherish as a memory

  • 000

Still have one somewhere aswell, as a spare.

  • 6r4ff3r

I have a 3510 operational, but it's in my bedroom cabinet because sometimes it doesn't send/receive SMS and for me it's very important.

  • pablo

love it still have it..

  • nokia

l still have it

  • zareef

its a great mobile it was also my first mobile i bought jan or feb back in 2003

  • Filip

This was my first phone, too. And I love it even today, after seven years. Miss it.

  • chinmaya

nokia 3510 it is my first phone and also a great phone in that time.

  • feeerry008

on this phone, i ever can't download Game Packs from WAP, cause it says: "format is unsupported".
can somebody help me?

  • *~S~*

This was my first ever phone and my daughter bought me it for my birthday. I hate the way phones are all looking the same now.

  • jazzijan

prash, 10 Sep 2003Nokia 3510-smart looking,perfect size in handelling,very mu... moreyes there is a calendar - scroll down to ORGANISER, there you have alarm clock and calendar, in calendar highlight the date required and it then prompts you to make a note/reminder.

  • jazzijan

Knight, 04 Nov 2009Great phone I wish if it was still available new, would buy... moreI would recommend you try ebay or look in locl newspapers - put a want-ad in!

  • jazzijan

this is still the most brilliant mobile going! I am still using it now - the grip, larger keys, easy to see display, indestructable despite having dropped it and falling apart a few times! Give me this fone with a radio, camera, screening numbers facility and I would buy it! The only newish one I like to compare is the 2310 which my son has. So as long as it keeps working, it stays here!

  • Knight

Great phone I wish if it was still available new, would buy without hasitation!

  • torotot

i had this fone since 2003 and im still using it as my 2nd fone. only prob is the battery which is understandable because of the years of service it has rendered. it is very tough, my ex girlfriend even threw it from our balcony, 2-storey high and it survived!