Nokia 3510

Nokia 3510

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  • jhay

bought mine way back 2003, its still working perfectly fine!!

  • 6r4ff3r

ozgur, 18 Nov 2008from july 2002 to this time(2009) it is still working can you be... moreIt's normal. Old phones are basic, but reliable.

My 3510 works like new, when i need it.

  • horsy horsy

I thought this phone was sublime and almost flawless in its design and specificacations.The battery had phenominal lasting power and i Enjoyed the large buttons that could accomodate my large stubby sausage fingers. all the new moderen phones have tiny buttons that i cant press without pressing 2 or 3 at the same time. i know need a toothpick or a pointer to press the buttons in my new solid gold phone.

  • Gadget

Perfect phone. I'm using it for 6 years with the original battery that lasts now for about 4-5 days. Rock solid and comfortable, just for calls and SMS is exceptional :)

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  • tsasangaa

It's very good phone. My phone was made in Finland. I had been used this phone for 4 years,

  • kidman

once upon a time when i was a kid,i used this phone.then i sold it to buy a new 1..i miss that phone

  • cej

This is the best phone I've EVER had. It's nearly indestructable too. I have fond memories of this phone.

  • ozgur

from july 2002 to this time(2009) it is still working can you belive it?

  • Rix

this is a good mobile phone.. i really enjoyed using this one..

  • ...

hey pipz. can u tell me if how many character or letter can i type with this phone?

  • bala14

No phone can beat nokia3510,It is a master piece of d world.

  • Anonymous

No phone can beat Nokia 3510, Legacy Phone

  • Anonymous

This is best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sonic125cc

very good fone !

  • Nikz

I have this phone when my granpa died last 2005, he is the owner of this phone, yet unfortunately he died, now its mine, and after 2 years, this phone is actually soooo durable!!! now it is not charging by connecting a charger because i use to use a DC adaptor 12V not the standard one,hehehe, anyway, Ill buy Nokia 6233 Soon!!! very awesome!!

I this phone's GPRS very often, actually I download several polytones with it,, but time will come, I'm gonna replace it,, I'm eyeing for N6233, which is far more better!! hehehe,, but ill use this phone somitimes for my other SIM card!!, --nikz

  • 12

its very good phone

  • mizo914

it's a great phone, had it for the last 5 years and when i lost my new one i started using it's only problrm is its speaker which is low on volume and sometimes i don't hear the one i'm calling.

  • nokiaman

it's awesome: no trouble involved... and that's what I really wanted from a mobile during these 4yrs or so.. great performance anyway

  • Miss Beni

If I hadn't lost this phone in 2003, I'm sure it would still be working! It gave me no problems at all. Worked perfectly.