Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i

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  • Mark LV


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  • MiniMé

Me like very much....
I'm gonna buy this one.
The polyfonic is only 5 tones!!

  • Tobbie

Lessons from Nokia:
1) We take a phone that is awfull and hasn't good position in market (3510).
2) We put a colour display at it.
3) We add an "i"
and.....we have a NEW (lol) phone!!! ta daaaaa

  • dion_chen

cool enough, but i think nokia must re-design the keypad form...but i really want to have it if there's no much problem on it like the others type b4.take care,folks!

  • George

Another 3xxx model.....just the same with colour display! Wow! God, all Nokia phones seem to be the same! I don't understand why do they produce so many phones.

  • Phil

GReat PHones. Looks really cool, esp. the super hot color display. This creates real value

  • Vin21

I feel this phone is great, but it might be pricy since it has color right now. I have not quite confident for the battery life cos I know the color phone usually take out more battery life compared to normal phone. Anyway, I wait for this phone to be released soon in Singapore.

  • Anonymous

I agree! Same shit different day (or phone)Nokia lost it's inventive and innovation projects.No more real phones like 5110, 61xx, 8xxx or 6210, those made between 1998-2000

  • Lucy

"All our fones are the same". Yawn.

  • caff

very gay phone and its sick that nokia keep using the same phone cover ..........get a designer to design a new phone rather than using some old stuff and put a new thing in and call it a new phone..........

  • Anonymous

What does a company do when 1 of its model is a failure bcos it is no different than the previous models?Simple,put in some more features,add an "i" to it & there u have it an brand new model.Nokia shld stop making mobile fones.

  • Anonymous

the newest nmodels made from nokia cannot be smell. masterpieces of shit for gays and bitchers

  • Sony Ericsson T300 V

-I want that!.
-Much better,what Nokia 3510.
-Polyfonics Ring Tones are again...
ARH!!. =(..