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Nokia 3510i

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Anonymous, 06 Oct 2017Nokias first colored yet tough phone!!!! Dropped mine accid... morethis was NOT EVEN CLOSE the first nokia color display device

my first color display device.
it was like magic back in early 2003 when i got it..
so strange seeing colors on your mobile phone device.
got even the cable for connecting the device to PC and was able to create my own picture messages and operator logos..
yeah, things were much simple and fun back in early 2000s.

I got this phone used 6 months ago and is amazing! The only thing that i don't like on this phone is the low resolution screen and the fact that id doesn't have infrared. But besides that this phone is very cool!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-819322, 15 Dec 2018Just got this amazing brick for £16 in good condition... moreWhat is new compared ro the original firmware?

  • AlexHimself

AWESOME PHONE! Bought it in 2003 and is in perfect condition in 2019.
TOUGH as a rock. Perfect shape to hold. You feel like it's designed to sit on your ear.
Would be great to be able to import phonebook. Also I have to buy a PrePay 2G SIM for it as my carrier has a 3G only network. :((
TODAY my new battery will arrive. New technology 1400 mAh!!! It will be awesome and I will start using it again.

  • AnonD-819322

Just got this amazing brick for £16 in good condition from eBay. I used to hate the design and the startup screen used to scare me for some reason a few years ago. This phone was announced on 6 September 2002 and released in December 2002. Mine is on version 5.35 firmware (17 August 2004). By the way, we know that pretty much all phone websites do not specify the screen size of phones with a screen like this e.g. 3310, 6510, 3510i, 3410. I measured the size and it is 1.6" with a resolution of 96x65 giving it a pixel density of 72.

frederick, 03 Oct 2002Behold, the perfect phone for jesters of proverbial courts... moreWhat do you mean by "jesters of proverbial courts"?

  • AnonD-744807

Still using with original battery on 2018! Toughest Nokia of all time.

  • Anonymous

Nokias first colored yet tough phone!!!! Dropped mine accidentally like 30 plus times now leg height and still going strong.... Only replaced battery twice and still can last a week or more before charging and got lots of funky snap-in covers to boot.... Still my primary calling/texting phone to date as I need it to last days before needing to charge.

  • Anonymous

diart, 05 Jan 2013Is there anyway that this phone is still available. had one... moreSites like ebay would be your best place to look

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what the calendar is like on this phone? On my current Nokia I can put recurring appointments in the calendar and there is also no limit as to how many appointments I can put in the calendar. With my old Nokia, I cold only put 10 appointments in it so it was very frustrating if I had more! Thank you.

  • AnonD-359902

i have this,and i love the text messages,multimedia messages,and emails,but also the voice tags
also,it is such a good phone
i love the teddy background and violet window colour

  • tony

this is my first mobile phone....
Texting feels great because of the keypad is soft.....
And so fun playing games with this phone
Now i have a second phone 3310
my aunt doesn't have a phone so i gave that phone 3510i to her.....
Im still missing this phone the nokia's first colored phone.....

  • florin

vand nokia 3510i 150 ron neg

  • AnonD-34772

Good mobile phone... I surf the net using opera mini 3 on this phone. Sometimes connection is stable and unstable.. But it's okay atleast I tested. This is my first colored screen phone. It's nice!

  • sotaf

it was my first phone i had ever , that was happened in march 2003 , it was made in Hungary and the price was about $200 , now I'm so Regret cause I sold it after 14 months of usage .

  • nok1

My 3510i is still going strong! Even after 11 years! Only use it when going abroad now as it is cheap and has excellent durability. It was my first phone I purchased new

  • deuces22

best Nokia ever made

  • AnonD-182115

Very solid old phone. Would not buy it again NOW but it is still great for older people or someone who doesnt care about camera and entertainment. The battery is great, goes for ages. The phone is loud and very tough. My Nokia had many accidents, was in the water, sand, rock concerts, survived all. After 10 years is still alive with only two keys broken. Bit bulky / fat and heavy but still great. Recommend!

  • labeo

Ilove my Nokia 3510 and 808