Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i

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  • sotaf

it was my first phone i had ever , that was happened in march 2003 , it was made in Hungary and the price was about $200 , now I'm so Regret cause I sold it after 14 months of usage .

  • nok1

My 3510i is still going strong! Even after 11 years! Only use it when going abroad now as it is cheap and has excellent durability. It was my first phone I purchased new

  • deuces22

best Nokia ever made

  • AnonD-182115

Very solid old phone. Would not buy it again NOW but it is still great for older people or someone who doesnt care about camera and entertainment. The battery is great, goes for ages. The phone is loud and very tough. My Nokia had many accidents, was in the water, sand, rock concerts, survived all. After 10 years is still alive with only two keys broken. Bit bulky / fat and heavy but still great. Recommend!

  • labeo

Ilove my Nokia 3510 and 808

  • enzyke

i have this now since 2004 & it is stiL running. the best phone ever next to n82, n8 & 808.

  • Anonymous

diart, 05 Jan 2013Is there anyway that this phone is still available. had one... moreTry buying one from ebay. I just bought one today for £4...

  • tez

i have just bought myself another 3510i because it was the best phone i ever had. tried the touchscreens, etc, but for simplicity and just wanting to phone and text you can't beat it

  • Anonymous

My first phone... :)

  • diart

Is there anyway that this phone is still available. had one in 2003 amd it got stolen. would love to get another one

  • BJaysX100

I've seen 3510 cos one of my relatives owns one, and that's pretty good, so if this is colourscreen it must be cool ... sad they're still not selling it though. :(

  • Den

For me model 3510i the best phone!

  • Anonymous

I still use it since 2003 march, but it needs new battery or buying new phone.

  • Whangarei

I have had this mobile since they became available. I have had just one new battery and two key pads. A great mobile if all you need is to make calls and send text. I have no intention of changing it until it is no longer repairable. I have a separate camera and GPS so why do I need a high tech mobile.

  • gamospitos

my first phone ever!!

  • Anonymous

for me it is the best phone

  • juraj

96x65 pixel... auuuuu!!!!!!!!

  • juneilao

My first phone with GPRS is 3510 in Feb. 2003, then 3510i in color in April 2004,,
this is all amazing phone is stil functioning until today...
i have all 35 phones but others is selling by my sis except 3510i and 3110c . . this very good phone..

  • Anonymous

my first colored screen phone well done nokia

  • MS

I have that one, it's amazing it's been a while since I bought it , about 8 years ago , and it still working^_^ ,