Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i

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  • AnonD-34630
  • vaQ
  • 26 May 2012

This was my fourth mobile phone. I had this phone back in 2004. It was a good phone. Luckily I was able to find an old phone just like my old Nokia 3510i before at my Dads place. It only needs battery. :D

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    • Ans
    • sGW
    • 06 Apr 2012

    I use this phone since I got it new in 2002 and it's still sturdy and going on well.

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      • AnonD-39391
      • fXu
      • 25 Jan 2012

      Loved my 3510i, not the clearest screen, but downloadable java games made it a great phone! Also good battery life.

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        • Rumi
        • GwM
        • 28 Dec 2011

        My 1st mobile. I loved this back in 2004...

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          • LOLO
          • SbD
          • 25 Dec 2011

          hot can i order one?
          thank you :)

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            • comparison
            • Xp6
            • 25 Dec 2011

            which is better Nokia 3510 or nokia 3510i? Please compare battery life, durability, ergonamics and software stability and responsiveness.

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              • Dan The Man
              • m1d
              • 10 Nov 2011

              Phones like this were built to last nobody seems to care about that anymore which is a pity especially apple.

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                • e r L
                • Kg%
                • 28 Sep 2011

                i really really love this phone.. i had dis since 2006 up to present date..and it's still working just fine. great great phone=) its been dropped on water, dropped on the floor,but still its working very well.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0uJ
                  • 11 Sep 2011

                  Trolololol !!!!!! I still have it today! 2011 ! But today it looks sooo much fatter and uglyer than other phones.. I have w705 and LOVE IT ! And by the way iPhone4 sucks .. Teehee!

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                    • Nascar895
                    • PWD
                    • 27 Aug 2011

                    Wow outstanding phone 4 messeaging.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • u1t
                      • 03 May 2011

                      bestest phone ever.. my dad is using this phone since 2004..

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                        • apple
                        • Rxn
                        • 06 Mar 2011

                        this phone is one of the coolest phone i've ever had.until now its still working and i used it for almost 7 years,compare to other model and high profile phone.and i can also open the google sight using gprs activation and my friends was shock for that.its really unbeleivable,but beleive it or not its true.

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                          • Ludwik
                          • Tr8
                          • 14 Feb 2011

                          I meant touchscreen phone!
                          The automatic corrections on my current phone do get it wrong at times.

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                            • Ludwik
                            • Tr8
                            • 14 Feb 2011

                            I agree.
                            It had the best battery life of any mobile phone that I have owned.
                            14 days with low use.
                            My modern touchstone phones last a day at most. Since I am constantly on the net, checking e-mail or should I say junk mail!
                            GPS also eats the battery life etc.

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                              • DAVIDuk
                              • 0Bq
                              • 04 Feb 2011

                              zeddy, 06 Jan 2011have used the phone for over 7 years.what a phone, am in lo... moreBest 'phone out there,and I've had a few from the off, worn one? cheap as chips to fix,sticking keypad? put another on for pennies,yes I use Smartphones for business but the old 3510i(I carry a couple as calls are never dropped,great audio both ends) is always with me for ultra reliabilty,and the battery life is phenonemal!What 'phone can you glance at and grin?a Nokia can even get on the 'net with it..amazing.Driving safe and legal with a two quid headset,,,I dislike the Bluetooth as it's a powerful be wary of...cables carry signal better,improve reception, and transmission, anyone knowing of radio propagation will know this.Nokia 3510i to be enjoyed!

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                                • zeddy
                                • fq8
                                • 06 Jan 2011

                                Phil Semple, 21 Nov 2010Bought this phone 7 years ago this month, its my only mobil... morehave used the phone for over 7 years.what a phone, am in love and cannot surrender it.i now need a new battery and the cover keypad is not working.key 4,7,8,9 and hash.i can receive and send messages.

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                                  • Phil Semple
                                  • nIm
                                  • 21 Nov 2010

                                  Bought this phone 7 years ago this month, its my only mobile and used every day. Everything is as original. I charge it once aweek on average on occasions it lasts 12/13 days. No complaints. It s getting on now, buttons sticky, having trouble finding suitable replacement.

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                                    • Aneek
                                    • utg
                                    • 12 Sep 2010

                                    Amrita, 12 Sep 2010hii..... i am 13yrs old and i need a nice long lasting phon... moreWell according to me u should either go for a nokia X3 or a nokia 6700 slide.....

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                                      • Amrita
                                      • utg
                                      • 12 Sep 2010

                                      Aneek, 12 Sep 2010I first got a phone in the summer of 2003. Its been almost ... morehii..... i am 13yrs old and i need a nice long lasting phone just like your 3501i..... even i want a phone that can overcome a puddle and a pack of stray dogs!! could u pleaseeeeee suggest me one....

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                                        • Aneek
                                        • utg
                                        • 12 Sep 2010

                                        I first got a phone in the summer of 2003. Its been almost 7 years now that I have had a new phone.The reason, the phone that I got was a Nokia 3510i. Built to last, this piece is a legend. I have dropped it a gazallion times, fell into a puddle, was an object of interest for a pack of stray dogs...and yet, it does everything it is meant to do even after 7 years. Sure, the numbers on the buttons have worn out, the keypad has been phased out, so it cannot be changed, the skin cannot be changed, but hell, who needs all that when you have a mini-sherman in your hands. My friends have changed a lot of phones since 2003, but this one stands like a rock. Such a shame that today's folks look forward to changing their phones in a year or somthing, maybe thats because they don't make them like the 3510i anymore.