Nokia 3530

Nokia 3530

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  • A318

Still the best nokia 3530.... i remember my highschool back the past 2000's

  • Ap

I'm still using this Nokia is functional can send an message. it use

  • Anonymous

Our memories before with this phone is now part of our history. Missin those sweet days😢

  • d.master

Gumamela, 09 Jun 2015Hi I just wanna ask if what are the pre installed games in ... moreBomber man for sure. I think also splinte cell1. I really don't remember, this phone was my playstation2 and XBox. I downloaded Splinter Cell extended ops, Pandora tommorrow, lotus challenge, Prince of Persia, sands of times, samarai jack, spider man, crash bandicoot, crash nitro kart, and one of my favourite Fast and Furious 1. The one with top down view.

I also went on social sites, talked to a girl in Trinidad and Tobago, researched my homework. My Nokia 3530 was my best friend. I miss you. Hope and pray they bring it back on the market buy then again will developers care. What I miss was how I could cheat the internet. Now a days cheating the net seems impossible. I notice since later makes of nokia was cheat proof. But I also remember that each time I completely cracked the internet with my Nokia 3530, it turned off and refused to turn back on.

  • AnonD-280781

Mango, 09 Mar 2017My parents bought me this in 2003. This was my first phone ... morei have this phone , and still working

One of the "Related devices" on the side is a Samsung Galaxy S4?! Are you ******* kidding me?!

  • Mango

My parents bought me this in 2003. This was my first phone and I loved it. Ohhh...what a good day it was. :)

  • John Ray

This is the gift of my Mama and Papa when I graduated in Elementary School. This is my first ever mobile phone. Awesome!!! :) I missed this phone...Soon to buy...

  • Raj

This was my second phone.
A very beautiful phone...

  • Preciousnickss

It was my first cellphone and for me Nokia is the best phone because even though this cellphone falls from my hands for several times, There's no scratches at all

  • Gumamela

WalterC, 23 Apr 2013Still using this phone today and I dread the day when the b... moreHi I just wanna ask if what are the pre installed games in the phone when you bought it?

  • AnonD-397832

jojo, 09 Apr 2012my second phone that i buy with my own earning money :D bef... moreThis was my second phone as well. And strangely enough Siemen was my first phone too. Only not Siemen c but siemen a52.

  • AnonD-397832

Nokia 3530 is my favourite phone and I consider it one of the best. It was my second phone I ever owned. This phone I bought to play splinter cell. This phone is a real gaming phone. All of the coolest games are available for the nokia 3530. Plus you could cheat the internet. It was nice to be on the internet and talking to people all over the world via online chatrooms because I never had access to pc internet at the time. But I feel the chatroom experience was better on the phone than on pc because too much people to concentrate on on a the pc chatrooms. I remember this chatroom called something like picture chatroom that I used to use on the Nokia 3530. Such wonderful memories.

Nokia could you please please please put this phone back on the shelves. Even if yoy make it so that we can't hack the net. Please! Or even make a Nokia 3530 emulater. I really miss this move. After my first one that I bought brand new stopped working. I bought it second hand 3 times.

  • dee

my 3rd phone, oh i remember d past, its nice and simple

  • AnonD-34772

I can browse the internet using its default browser and I can do Facebook in this phone. For better internet browsing you can download and install Opera Mini 3 for this phone. This is my first GPRS mobile phone.

  • Ayan..

2nd phone i had after samsung r220.
Loved this phn.. Still remember the days when i spend hours playing aur glide, sky diver, and playing the polyphonic ringtones. I played them all so many times that i memorized their series. Infact mine was blue too.. Exactly like this.. This was a tough cookie too.

  • Arif

This Nokia 3530 was my second phone after Nokia 3310. This was really nice. I still remember Nokia's good old days. These handset of Nokia was really nice and rugged. People are still using these kind of old Nokia handset. I really miss Nokia. Those are days of Nokia and we used to visit Nokia Priority store to see new models. Really I miss Nokia and remember those good old days of Nokia.

  • swap

3530 was my first mobile in life great mobile i have ever seen good

  • Mohamed

Yeah, it was my first mobile too, after seeing/using my friends mobile 3310 etc. i was kinda proud of my mobile because it had a blue skin with light shining underneath. really enjoyed the phone and replaced with Nokia 6233, while i was working...

  • moeha ranger 2003

Nokia thanks for the memories:)