Nokia 3530

Nokia 3530

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  • Anonymous

My first phone ever!! loved it.

  • AnonD-194940

It was my first phone ever, It was built like a tank. just works wonderfully, until the battery strat to acting up :p
i use it for about 5 year, until i replace it with nokia 6120c. but it's kinda funny to see, the first user review on this phone, how people think this is a bad phone, it kinda suck etc, but bam! 10 years later people still adore it, and say how well its made, compare to their current smartphone.

  • p1Mp

edy, 30 Aug 2013my first phone, and pickpocket take it from my jacket,,,,mi... moreMy 1st colored phone in 2006, misses it...

  • edy

my first phone, and pickpocket take it from my jacket,,,,miss it!

  • zed del mar julio

its my first gift from someone that i love and I was dreamed about this phone.
Can't You MMS ?
Nokia 3530.
Je t'aime... BiZ

  • Anonymous

kram24, 17 Nov 2012my first colored graphic phonemine too

  • WalterC

Still using this phone today and I dread the day when the battery stops working. Takes a bashing that no smart phone can take today.

If you ever wanted a phone to make calls this was it. I've dropped this phone on concrete and it kept working...with NO cracked screen.

I tried using my iPod Touch as an alarm clock and slept through the alarm. When this phone vibrates it feels like an earthquake. It just works. Summing up this phone is all about function over form, unlike smart phones where you need a Otterbox case to protect the damn thing.

  • kram24

my first colored graphic phone

  • shadab hussain

My first phone in 2003 :)

  • shirish vadaliya

my first phone way back in 2003

  • AnonD-34772

My Fourth Phone.

  • jojo

my second phone that i buy with my own earning money :D before using this i was mate with siemen c25 phone :))- i remember that day i can watching movie on it, but first you must convert movie into some java application, i dont remember what's that application.

  • kiko

this is cool phone 1st phone i recv image thru gprs:D

  • huo

1st phone win from contest. using it for 5yrs+, it's precious phone

  • Deepak

I bought this phone in August 2003 and used it for around 4 years. I had some battery issues later so disposed. But it was a very nice phone and I really miss those moments which I enjoyed with this phone. Polyphonic ringtones, Bowling game and above all the sexy keypad. I wish if this kind of phone comes now, will surely buy this.

  • AnonD-34772

I like this phone since i was a 1st year high school student. miss u.

  • Kumar

I purchased on 2003,Still it was working with me under the excellent conditions.2times changed the battery,2times cleaned up the keypads.

  • ron

this is my first phone. I still have until today. I love this phone so much. Easy to use, easy to navigate!

  • Anonymous

Really ,,, Its super product by Nokia. Its still working today nicly,purcahed in 2004 appx.But today its battery unable to get.

  • Aman

Wonderfull phone..i bought it for Rs. 7400 in yr2003 n its still working,not perfectly, but then its k...i just 've to change wid chinese battery every quarter yr