Nokia 3600 slide

Nokia 3600 slide

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2008looks good but would like to know its available in how many colours?two colours the one shown and the other is black

  • david

S, 28 Apr 2008new slide s40.. CooL !!?just send some pics taken from dis phone....

  • karthika

hai,very stylish mobile,and superb,all ladies like it

  • Anonymous

looks good but would like to know its available in how many colours?

  • debanuj

what is d maxixmum zoom possible in dis camera??n is zoom possible in the 3.2 mp mode??

  • Cool

I was going to buy the phone but The keypad scratch due to the slide mechanism is the only thing that concearns me. What is the ponint buying a phone that scratches so easily?

  • Anonymous

hi, this phone is good but not better than n73 bcoz its having carl-zies optics and 3G to n sound quality is also better than nk 3600.

  • sibu

i bought this phone about a month ago...its a very good looking phone eye catchy, the cmer qulity is superb for the price the sound quality is good the thing that i love in this phone is its noise cancellation feature it works nd the camera is too good at this price the only thing i hate is u get scratches in the lower part of the key pad due to the slide or else this is a very good 9000rupees its worth more thing no 3g..for india its good as we hve no 3g fcility here it will tke a year for 3g to come y=this phone is good for 9000 rs

  • rafisa junielli

is good !!!

  • holden

main spec of this phone is noise cancellation... meaning if u r in a party and the music is loud etc , noise cancellation picks up only the closest noise and that would be ur voice so whom ever is talking to u on the phone can hear u... i hope this helps

  • Hadee

does anyone know the FCC number of this phone? :) if so please let me know.

  • Cool

brij, 25 Sep 2008well i am using 3600 slide and camera quality is very nice and i... moreWhat about the earphone music sound quality?

  • brij

well i am using 3600 slide and camera quality is very nice and it a bit better than N73....its a very good average phone

  • Nickolay

Any problems with scrathes?
Construction solid?

  • suresh

Adnan, 20 Sep 2008Hi i purchased this mobile a week back and i m fully satisfied w... morepls send the photos by 3600 to my

  • Anonymous

pinks29, 15 Sep 2008You can go for Nokia N73, as its having best of the camera...out... moreHa-ha, You can't find information about this on cover, but Nokia 5610 HAVE "Carl-Zeiss" optic!

  • Jitti Bhai

Gyan, 10 Sep 2008i m planing 2 buy this mobile. so, pl tel me about it's sound qu... moreHi,
this phone is very good camera is very good and battery beakup is good

  • s.mann mauritius

Thanks Jay.

  • Cool

What about the music sound quality. Does it compares to SE Walkman series or Nokia Express Music series?

  • jay

s. mann mauritius, 24 Sep 2008Hi, Am planning to buy this cell. Kindly request your opinion... moregood go ahead very good quality of camera, good sound clearity of voice.