Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

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Awesome phone with unique design.
I still using this phone in 2019.

  • AnonD-734734

My first ever smartphone and boy what a phone this was!!!

Massive colour screen, the ability to download and use different apps - simply gorgeous!!! Only thing which took getting used to was the rounded design of the keyboard so initially, texting was a little strange, but you soon got used to it! Interchangeable fascias too!!


  • AnonD-640347

My first smartphone.
After lusting for the Radio Shack Tandy(?) Pocket computer for years, finally the 3650 comes along and is a justifiable purchase.
I chose it over the other flip phones for its' larger COLOR screen, not knowing everything it was going to open up to me.
I still have the device, probably in great condition, as it was always kept in a leather case, but I haven't tried to power it up in many years.

  • Bee

This phone was awesome! I miss Nokia Symbian OS.
Rock solid and reliable!

  • AnonD-468041

My first love. So much memories.

  • AnonD-424849

My first smartphone, I was totally in love with Symbian and Nokia. And had such fun with the VGA camera. Good ol' times :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2015oh, yes!!! wonderful pictures on this phone. had one enlarged o... moreMe too. :D

  • AnonD-397035

This was my first real "smartphone".. love this phone, and s60 platform.
at school i managed to turn tv off at middle of scool tests xD Infrared app...

  • Anonymous

Majid A, 10 Jan 2015I bought it at spring 2003. I have so much memories of it. First... moreoh, yes!!! wonderful pictures on this phone. had one enlarged of my grandson and framed! people cannot believe it was a phone camera pic. of course it is obsolete now and out of use, but i still have it!!! loved the fact that it had a card for pictures which could be taken to the store and printed! the clerk could not believe it!

  • sifasf

Majid A, 10 Jan 2015I bought it at spring 2003. I have so much memories of it. First... moreedi wow

  • Hakeempip33

Majid A, 10 Jan 2015I bought it at spring 2003. I have so much memories of it. First... moreI like that comment, I have plenty of 3650 pics on my pc also!

  • Majid A

I bought it at spring 2003. I have so much memories of it. First camera phone I means nostalgia for me. Hail to NOKIA.I'll keep all pictures taken by it on my PC till die.

  • phonemanizer

had this one before and it was hard to send a text message due to phone keypads. still a reliable phone. used it for 4 years but unfortunately her time has come to an end :-(

  • Anonymous

HEY ppl i am the proud owner of the Nokia 3650 and to date it works perfectly fine. yes i know it is a old phone, i bought this phone in India in 2002 when it first launched there is one little problem with the phone though, i live in south africa and form 2002 untill date i still cannot get spares for the phone in case i one day need it and more of all i need the housing for the phone if any cone can help or suggest please mail me

  • Paljko

This oldtimer is unbreakable! :D

  • én

AnonD-192411, 16 Oct 2013I love this phone, it's 10.2 (Pizza) android is unbeatableIt has Symbian, not Android.

  • AnonD-143949

I bought my 3650 in 2003 from a guy I met in a bar for the equivalent of $450 if you can believe it. (In 2003 money at that...)
The phone is still going strong even after being dropped on the ground umpteen times and breaking in 3 or 4 parts each time. I'd just snap it back together and be on my merry way.
I'd like to see the 'smart'phone you can expect to pick up off the ground unscathed...or else to last 11 years. It's become a real friend.
Now I wonder, because I cannot find it in the user manual, how to lock the keys temporarily so as not to pocket-dial anybody by mistake. Does anybody here know?
If so, please let me know at Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is legendary

  • Ylang_Ylang86

My sister and a classmate had this phone back in late 2003. Until now, this phone intrigues me because it was the first phone I saw which could play not just ringtones, but real music. I am surprised that the Bluetooth technology had already been introduced in this phone.


my first personal mobile phone.....