Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

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my first personal mobile phone.....

  • Anonymous

My first Mobilephone :)

  • AnonD-192411

hassan ahmed, 15 May 2008its adventage is that it has lots of programs - S60 is the best -I love this phone, it's 10.2 (Pizza) android is unbeatable

  • oldtimenokiaowner

Had this phone way back in 2005 and recently got another one from CEX and had to buy a battery off eBay as it wasn't holding the charge, but that has to be expected for a ten year old phone. Beats modern phones and their charge me everyday batteries. Solid phone even though I've dropped it countless times only problem is connecting to internet and lack of covers on ebay

  • Juhu

The best of all.

  • lils

best phone , wish they remake it

  • Anonymous

My girlfriend just found her old one. Amazing phone. The best part is I can still get a charger and new battery for it. Planning on finding her a cover too. Some old cellphone shops still have things like that here in south africa. Old stock that was never thrown away. You can still get nokia 3310 covers just about anywhere.

  • AnonD-152733

love it, i wish i have it again with more options

  • MTM4777

ALVARES, 04 Apr 2013This phone is amazing!!! I remember when my dream was to buy th... morecan you give me please for freee.... :(


This phone is amazing!!!
I remember when my dream was to buy this phone.
But now,i still have a brand new in box,somehow remained unused.

  • mostert

this was my first smartphone, then i moved to the ngage

  • ajul_julio

my first brilliant smartphone...
Nokia 3650 is my numero une phone althought i already use Android and BlackBerry device.
sweet memories in 2005 till now with it.
Love my Red Nokia 3650..

  • ahmed

Its my first brilliant phone ever I had when my mom bought me in 2005 n till now.
I love Nokia 3650 at the first sight.

  • kevinspot

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2012the famous phone when im at high scholl and my first phone that ... moreyou can watch porn and convert it in 3gp format.

  • Anonymous

the famous phone when im at high scholl and my first phone that i downloading and watching porn... =p

  • Jeddah

NOKIA mobile phone sold 7-8 yeara go are of good quality, unlike nowadays, Nokia easily broke down even on slight fall-off.

  • Riyadh

I still have this phone in my cabinet and sometimes I use it. I love the keypad of this phone until now ;-)

  • Rizky Whibley

Well, this is one of my father's old phone. I love to play it when I haven't handphone yet lol. It's always memorable ..

  • Kevin Amsterdamer

Nokia in the past Nokia in the presend Nokia in the future! Other brands fruits will come and go Nokia will always be there never forget! Nokia user since 1997 Nokia 9000 the pioneer of smartphones!

  • nX

Phone from the past, when Nokia was on top.
The money I gave for this one could have easily bought me N900 nowadays. I LOVE THIS Phone. Introduced me to Symbian. Shame on Nokia that they could not keep up with the future and keep sybmian OS on top. Instead, I find myself using Android for the first time after 8 years I spent on Symbian platform!