Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

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  • Blind Mellon

What is this shit??? I don't understand the necessity of a keypad like that.... also, the phone's shape seems awfull to me. Come on Nokia, you used to make good phones once (6xxx, 3210)! Where is your spirit?

  • jackvoka

It looks like something only our eastern brothers could acctually DIG!!!!Not me though and I bet not to manny peeps this side of creation will want have anything to do with this ˝UFO˝!!!Sorry NOKIA,I love u but i canīt forgive u this one...

  • ShyGuy

Talking about that keypad? Does anyone have explanation why the numbers go CCW instead of CW (the way everyone is used to)

  • Spidey

what an ugly phone!!!!!! also, i wonder how easy will texting be with this keypad!

  • GK

Hey, I finally understood what's up there, at Nokia! These guys take drugs (lol)...... There is no other explanation for these shits that they produce....

  • Someone

May be all of us have to change our mind! it's out of date for now i think! if you see this fone for the first time, your brain might flash out a question: "what the hell is this?" or "what a beautiful remote controller!!!!", but then after one year or two, peoples could ask you if you still have a 2K model fone and their question could be :"Why do you bring your chocolate box with you all the time freak?". I mean this 3650's look stil better then those 3G fones for example the one that came out from Fujitsu, just like half an egg, man. Anyway, I wondering why Nokia take out the camera and give us an optional to choose between the camera, some extra memory for music and games.. I'd rather take pic with the camera and transfer it to the fone thru an Infrated port. We're all wearing our fone all the time, just give us something more to entertain or doing thing that we want, NOKIA.

  • Lucy

How are you supposed to use this keypad? Utterly ridiculous.

  • Wahid

Okaaayyy the design is a stretch. But I would rather buy this than the 7650...

  • Sophie bextor

That's the uglyyyyyest piece of shit i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rezwan

pleas send me nokia's pictures book in my address in iran if you want ask me.

  • mike

This Phone looks like my grandma and feel like my grandpa :)
Nokia i'm so sorry for u but Ericsson rullz

  • MisteR*T

The Nokia 3530 comes with Xpress-on Active colour covers that light up and flash to the rhythm of ringing tones to enhance users' experience. Check picture on this dutch site:

  • kaori

the newest nmodels made from nokia cannot be smell. masterpieces of shit for gays and bitchers

  • peter

gyus nokia had to make this phone because 7650 has serious bug problems that cannot be fixed!

  • Henrik

-This Nokia is much better,what Nokia 9210i Communicator-model!. =)
-I waiting next 3-Dual GPRS Nokia Communicator-models!. =/

  • heng

the phone looks more like a remote control for a tv or something like that

  • adama

hey you vladimir you say 3650 is the best phone!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah

wat the fuck is dat!!!!

  • Vladimir

The most ugly phone from nokia!!

  • moua

This phone can PLAY and ENCODE in real video 9 !
on the paper, this is a very good phone,
but the keyboard is strange...