Nokia 3660

Nokia 3660

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  • Thomas

I will say 1 more time! There is no RADIO and you can't download it like app! You just can lisen to the radio through internet(full GPRS only) But you can have MP3,unlimited video recording,digital zoom and many more! Program like SmartMovie lets you Enjoy video format(divx) I have 256MB memory card, so Ican put at least 2 full video films :) Great phone!!!

  • rose agnes

a phone to buy

  • Kedar

Hi,I ve got a prob with this phone!The system is not working properly.Everytime u open anything,it says "System Error".And also i m unable to type alphabets,only numbers can be typed.Plz can someone tell me the problem and send the solution to me asap

  • jM

hey! i Love the phone.. im still planning to have one!but... is it posible to hve FM and MP3?plz. ans. my question...

  • sasha

i need info on how to get a mp3,radio, and unlimited video on my nokia 3660-- thanks in advance

  • jubie

i have this phone till februar 2004 and I think is really nice phone with the best performance.

  • QuAKe

to the ppl of this website u can download a mp3 or a radio onto ur phone. Unfortunaly most ppl make u pay. That is all

  • Kedar

Hi Can someone plzzzzzzzz tell me where i can get a free mp3 player for my Nokia 3660.plz send me the link on my email id Thanksss

  • Anonymous

does it have mp3?

  • What?

This fone got no radio so its not yet qualified to be the BEST!!!

  • WoW

can u download things like radio and mp3 onto fones

  • Robin

Well.. If you guys are gonna get this phone I'd suggest you guys get Nokia 6600 since the price is not far away and if you can afford more, why not get the Nokia 6630? Comment: Phone too bulky. Just a comment. No offence!


ugly phone

  • Disclosed

hi i am planning to buy this phone so can anyone post the pros and cons of this phone

  • Kedar

Guys,can anyone tell me if the camera on this cell has digital zoom function?And does the video recorder record video clips with sound or not?And is there any additional application to record video clips of unlimited length?

  • rez

2 anybody, how to get software for my nokia 3660, as i'm a new user of 3660.

  • johnny mike

i would like to buy one i want to know more about the phone

  • Dancho

is it possible to hve a fm radio on my nokia 3660? pls reply on how to get it and wer to get it if ever there is.

  • konst

hi, i think its a great phone(3660) its essential for programs and ruff hits only its size is a bit of a problem but i will live with it...

  • gautam

great fone.suberb features,great camera.everything abt this fone is great.