Nokia 3660

Nokia 3660

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  • 3660 user

If you don't mind the size (actually not really big) and it's a super phone-very clear & sharp picture and useful video recording. Look at the positive side of this phone and you will find it so much better than many phones. I used to carried camera with me when I drive as afraid of some probematic drivers may get you into trouble,with my 3660 I have a peace of mind-no need to carry extra camera and best of all, it also have video just in case accident can happen. Thanks.

  • canopus511

i`ve had 2 3660 phones and both had the same problem.the problem is when i listen to the ringtones inside a profile,it`s sound is loud and clear but when i come out of the profile and someone calls me the sound is soooooooo weak.btw when i turn on the vibration it`s sound turns back to it`s normal volume.damn it.looking for a way to get rid of the neccesity of vibratration.none of my last nokia phones (3310,8210,5210,7210 and 7250)had this problem.even 3650 works properly.plz inform me if there is a way to solve it or there is an upgrade in the web to download.thnx.

  • blerb

how is this different from the 3650?-
apart from the buttons-which r very nice.................

  • Hernita

so cute and nice

  • Anonymous

7650 is still the best in looks

  • ross

i do like the phone nokia have thought about what they did wrong on the last one down (3650) and made texting a whole lot easier but i would still go for the 3650 mainly for looks and functions

  • chris PEEET!!

this fone is a bit huge, if u take the case off n buy another case uve got urself a perfectly good pair of slippers

  • Ry

i think this phone looks gud and i want 2 buy it, bt im nt sure it will be good, sum1 help me find da best pix quality fone and one dat has bluetooth n ova stuff like dat!!!!

  • Nokia3660

I'm very disapointed with this phone....display STN not TFT so 65k is nothing!!!the resolution is same with N3650!trust me,i've bought 1 day n i sell it again the day after!

  • Anonymous

how much will it cost in the philippines?

  • Nia

verrrrrrrrryyyyyy goooooooodd!!!!!!!

  • haha

omg this phone is huge!!!
if u wana look like ur talking to a walkie talkie on the street buy it
i'll laugh at u hahah!!

  • Anonymous

it will come out in the phil. this january. this phone looks like an ugly face...

  • Espinosa


You're saying that Nokia's Series 60 Phones aren't better than the others?!!! I guess you're probably wrong, because Series 60 UI is one of the best Symbian OS out there... For the record, Nokia 6600 is also a Series 60 phone, based on the same than the 3660... So, what's your point?

  • SHizzlE

yea i saw a guy with this phone and i thought he was holding a little book!!!
seriously its hella big

  • eRRoR

NOKIA SERIES 3... is worst... i think you better buy Nokia from series 6,7 or 8... like 7600 or 6600

  • yunizar heniwaty

i love it, very much...

  • kak

woow good phone i think ...cause all my friends r going to buy it or maybe the 6600 .......but my opinion 6600 is better in size than 3660 and aslo in the buttons but the 3660 is much better and improved than the 3650 i like it .....sooo what do you tell me to buy 6600 oe 3660 ???????

  • kak

people guys any professionalss :
what is T9 ?????????????????????

  • edwin

when this will come out here in the philippines???