Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia 3.1 Plus

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  • Anonymous


  • MNG

This phone is my dream design. An almost perfect unibody design.

  • Anonymous

Olden days this phone is worest phone now it is good I am using this phone

  • Omar

I think it is good because of his price

  • Michael

Shaan, 04 Feb 2020This is the worse quality of phone that I've ever encounter... moreCheck the name of the phone.. I'm sure it's not Nokia. Yours might be nofia๐Ÿค”
I've been using this phone close to 8 months now and no issue.
This is a 150dollar phone so you don't expect it to perform like a 600dollar phone.
And it really feels like a 250dollar phone.. the camera is excellent just that it's not really great at nights

  • The daydreamer

El_Jay, 08 Feb 2020I've been using my Nokia 3.1 Plus since July 2019 and my ma... moresame problem . i think we should replace (screen+touch).

Eesha, 26 Mar 2020The phone is thrash worst phone I have ever used Can't in... moreWorst ? The person who installs lot apps and thinks 32gb is enough , he/she is least buy 128gb.

  • Eesha

KEL, 07 Mar 2019I done that but it's still showing me "App Not Installed" w... moreThe phone is thrash worst phone I have ever used
Can't install app cos I ran out of space and and card cannot be formatted as internal
So frustrating ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

  • surya

it not supporting to jbl bt10.

  • Behrouz

I have Nokia 7plus Charger.Can i use this one ? 3.1 plus charger is 10w , but N7P is 18w

  • OK

Mr ken, 13 Nov 2019Who said that Nokia 3.1 plus is bad that person is a lier a... moreWhat can you say about memory?

  • OK

Nokia 3.1 Plus is low on internal memory. Worse still, it does not have option for formatting SD Card as internal storage. It reduces the phone to a child's toy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019Is Nokia 3.1plus 4G Yes

  • El_Jay

I've been using my Nokia 3.1 Plus since July 2019 and my main problem is that it developed ghost touch after 5 months without the screen being broken so I wanna know what to do about it

  • Shaan

This is the worse quality of phone that I've ever encountered. Yeah you read that right, the worst phone.. I've used more than 5 smartphones then i bought this for my brother, and since August he couldn't get to use that phone more than 30 days, hanging issue, touch freeze, sim not working, battery not working sometime, headphone jack doesn't work always, speaker issue, and many more. Everytime I go to the service center they keeps it for 15 days and returns it working condition, after few days same problem happens, I go to service center they keep it 15 days, again same same same... bloody torture on nose. ๐Ÿ˜ 

  • Sunil

I am using Nokia 3.1 plus last 1years but to hanging problem
Have you solution pls tell me

  • Amir

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019I'm really worried that I bought a phone with 3GB ram and s... moreDon't worry. It's enough for normal use...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019Is Nokia 3.1plus 4G Yes, it is...

  • Firefox

Pros: 3GB Ram, 32GB Rom, Decent Cpu, 6" Display, Display quality good enough to believe this is not a 1080p, Big battery, 3.5mm jack, clean OS.
Cons: Camera quality only good for social media sharing.
So buy this phone if you don't much care about low light photography.

  • Chris.T

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019Pls i saw front flash in the spec but can't find it in the ... moreLol, it means that the screen will get bright when taking a selfie