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Nokia 3.1 Plus

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  • Anonymous

Qureshi, 17 Jun 2020When i updated my nokia 3.1 plus to android 10,it disappear... moreIt's not the phones fault. By Android10, the setting has been moved to the developer option in every phone.

  • Anonymous

The camera is ass.
It works just fine, don't expect picture quality to be the best.
If camera matters to you go buy a pixel

  • Anonymous

Dumidu Neeshan, 20 Jun 2020Got updated to the Android 10, previously had a battery lif... moreBro, please check if it supports Screen Mirror feature.

I need it to play videos on TV by mirroring phone screen.

Got updated to the Android 10, previously had a battery life issue with the Android 9, seems it solved with the new update. As an average user, Now I can use the phone for 2 days without charging.

  • Anonymous

Some people say it has awesome camera.
Some people say it has bad camera.

What is the truth?

  • Qureshi

When i updated my nokia 3.1 plus to android 10,it disappears the home icon shape there is only one icon default shape.plz do not perchase such un interactive phone.very slow phone.i really disappointed when i updated nokia 3.1 plus to android 10.plz do not update your phone

  • Buck

This is not a bad phone but it has some limitations. I had to get a phone in a hurry and got the 16Gb version - big mistake. (over 9gb is gone before you start). The camera is OK for close up, but landscapes are weak, but its biggest limitation is that the microSD card can only be used to store photos and files which are explicitly placed there. It has no ability to be used as a general memory extension for apps or what's app media. This is a ridiculous restriction (I know there is a slight risk of data loss) and really makes the 16Gb version restricted unless you don't install many apps, in which case its fine. i'm on gsmarena reviewing replacements!


Nokia company is now produce garbage not mobile.. so much disappointed with nokia handset

  • Easycheddah

Definitely not a good phone very bad camera compare to infinix hot 7 or tecno spark 2

  • Yes..

Gog, 29 May 2020There may be a fix for the notifications, go to apps and no... moreThank you

  • Nitin

Lots of problems with this charging,hang,touch etc...worst phone...

Mirza777, 17 May 2020Since the latest upgrade im finding it difficult to use man... moreI thought I was the only one facing the issue.
Its been for than a week after the update and i'm still facing the issue. no response from Nokia

  • Gog

There may be a fix for the notifications, go to apps and notifications -> advanced -> special app access -> adaptive notifications and select none.

  • M. Zak

Mirza777, 17 May 2020Since the latest upgrade im finding it difficult to use man... moreSame problem here after updating to Android 10 I have a problem with the notifications specially for social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn..etc

I have to keep the apps running in the background in order to receive any notifications otherwise nothing will be received.

I contacted Nokia Care and they didn't give me any working solution till now, I regret updating my mobile with Android 10...I hope they fix this problem as soon as possible.

  • Mirza777

Since the latest upgrade im finding it difficult to use many apps...besides my msg log was more txt msgs in my inbox....dnt know how and why it happeded

  • Michael

El_Jay, 08 Feb 2020I've been using my Nokia 3.1 Plus since July 2019 and my ma... moreIf you're using a screen guard, replace it or remove it entirely I've been using the same phone close to a year now and the screen haven't given me such issue; sometimes when screen guards gets old it starts to give this Ghost touch problems

  • Nokia User Germany

Personal experience:

Pros: (1) Large screen on which colors are displayed well. (2) Nice design.

Cons: (1) Certain parts poorly manufactured (tapping a certain spot at the back, a sound as if something is slightly loose is produced). (2) Very poor camera: basically all pictures are blurred, never experienced such a bad camera, not even with a phone from 13 years ago. My previous Samsung SGH-E900 (2007) took way better pictures. (3) No option to transfer apps to external storage. (4) Poor material: I am always anxious not to scratch my phone so I place it on cloth rather than directly on any hard surfaces. Even with that, the material chosen for the back case is getting scratches and getting slightly discolored (after just 4-5 months careful handling!)

Conclusion: Wouldn't usually recommend it. I chose a Nokia because I associated the brand with quality (made very good experiences previously) but didn't read enough on this one obviously. Not sure if I would opt again for the Nokia brand given the present experience.

  • Anonymous


  • MNG

This phone is my dream design. An almost perfect unibody design.

  • Anonymous

Olden days this phone is worest phone now it is good I am using this phone