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Nokia 5000

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  • Anonymous

Its sooo kool because im sick of all those other fansy phones. I just need a stylish new easy to use phones im only 12 so all i need it is to call pplz wen i need to. And i got it in purple so its really kool they didnt hav it in green or blue but i like wat i got... so thanx for who eva made this phone its so kool!!! :)

  • Alfred Cullen

this handset is a great one... been using it for 3 days already and so far no problem. considering the price, we really can't demand for a memory expansion slot. if you want, buy the nokia 3110classic just shell out more money for that, but you'll have to give up this phone's style (thin and great screen!).

the screen has a small problem if you're using dark themes... there's a glaring effect... you feel like you're reading texts immediately after waking up from a long sleep hahaha. brighter themes (no black background) are suggested to solve the problem.

battery is also good compared to nokia 2630. the operating system allows you to send sms quickly as this phone allows you to type the first few letters of the person and click "match" using the navikey (like the Symbian OS 60 of Nokia)... its a great help compared to lower model units that would require you to choose from favorite/recently used/call register etc.

all in all, i would give this phone an 8/10 rating. go for this if you want a basic call and text phone with style and basic features. =)

  • Anonymous

I reallly cn nt belive dat it dsent let u hold a memory card in der. I need it 4 my songs. but screen and everytin gud but i cnt liv witout ma music. nice design but shud b able 2 put memory in der.high quality screen!!!

  • sayuri

i brought this 1 today... honestly,, it made me sick.., 30 minute of using it was then damage,, i dont know maybe it was a factory defect or something..

gladly, i was able to refund my money...

  • Silverzn

Gosh!!! I am of the same concern with Dani. In these times havig an mp3 phone with no extra memory slot is unpractical. the nokia 6320i was such a great product! thanks to the developer.

  • Anonymous

Dani, 20 Dec 2008REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Bad phone it's pointless having an MP3 player ... moreIt's a Realley Good phone

  • Dani

I think it's a really good phone and people shuld buy i't. It's a good phone really. Don't say ooh the others says it's horeble means that it's horeble because it's not.Delicate your own opinion.

  • Dani

REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Bad phone it's pointless having an MP3 player and so little memory. My pervious Nokia 6230i is far better than this piece of junk. I'm so dissapioned in this phone honestly I should have never taken it,R999 down the drain. This is not a phone I would recomend in buying.

  • Anonymous

I resently baught me the Nokia 5000,I find it very friendly to use. . . But seeing that I love my music and taking pictures, memory is the problem I can only store up too say +-8 songs. . . Further on it's a great phone I would recomend this phone to anyone.

  • P.J.Veldsman

i have just received my new nokia 5000 but do not know how to activate my e-mail. i have got a 500mb vodafone modem on contract.i want my phone to let me know when there is e-mail and want to read it when i am not at my pc. can any body help ?

  • Black Jack

Thanks, But is there anyway so i wouldn't ve to press that lower button each time i ve to send a button? can't i make that text box to write numbers instead of alphabet by default?

  • Anonymous

Black Jack, 17 Dec 2008Nice one but i am having a problem with msg'ing. While typing th... morebottom right button hold it down for 3 seconds

  • kintaro

i have a nokia N95 at present but i was tempt to buy this coz i really love the design. now... what can i say??

im very comfortable using this cellphone than my N95.. this is 100% user friendly.. i dnt care about mp3, camera etc.. anyways i dndt use multimedia all the time.. im happy and comfortable using this lightweight, slim and very simple fone.... believe me..

  • Black Jack

Nice one but i am having a problem with msg'ing. While typing the number for sending any text msg, it types ABC instead of typing 123. I again and again have to change it to 123 and then type, does anyone know how to change that text box so it will always appear with 123? kindly help out the problem

  • mike

philippe, 13 Dec 2008I bought a Nokia 5000 today and i don't find the way to activate... moregday mate

ur problem is nuthing, the solution is just activate the camera, then press the centre button, it should come to life

if it dosnt work take it make to the shop


  • nokia 5000 owner

the memory on my 5000 is reli bad any help?

  • charmainec

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008hi i got Nokia 5000 last night and it looks pretty nice and wor... morehonestly, i gt that too, there is no way to fix it. i tried. bt overall i hope you gt used to it.


  • Chayon

n 5000 have any caller group ring tone and caller group phone book??? whats the ring tone sound quality and color display quality??? camera quality and voice clrearity??? key pad quality and body finishing???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008hi i got Nokia 5000 last night and it looks pretty nice and wor... moredunno bout the time problem mate, but it goes black to save battery, that's why the battery life is so good, even if you have a tiny bit of backlight on to tell you the time it sucks your battery like a vampire. just press the middle button and the screen lights up for about 2 seconds.

  • VanKenjie

This is a very good unit nokia 5000..but one thing i should know about this model that who among you know..Is there an application that suits to this model like adobe reader or any anti-virus that work to this model?..anyone try this installing some application?