Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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  • sam

c.p.malik, 22 May 2008this phone should be came with memory slot. today everyone one r... morei got mine for $130 and i want to know how much you got yours in dollars thanks.

  • samuel

i just got the nokia 5000 and it's a very simple and easy to use phone just that the memory is too small but every other thing about it is fine. i got it for $130.

  • Yasir Shah

Nokia 5000 is best phone. It look like as Nokia 5310. Larg LCD, Nice Menu, Stylish Themes, beautifull fonts, better sound quality, good battery life. Low weight only 74 grams. Only one thing is bad No memory card slot but price is low then Nokia 5310.

  • Adnan

A nice phone. But shame no memory card.

  • Safari

The Nokia 3500c with a slightly smaller screen, 2 MP camera and a memory slot at the same price is the best.

Nokia 5000 is a bullsh*t.

  • Asif Iqbal

Very socked. No memory card slot. It's looking nice. But overall not good.

  • somu

memory is very less

  • Don Rio

Why do you think there is a mp3 player... just to play some ringtones. Heh, smart nokia..

  • TyTN

Y.ASHOK KUMAR, 10 Jul 2008with out memory card option phone is not a phone, this is very b... more
Tell me, do you need a memory card to make a phone call? Or send a message?
I don't think so.

This is a phone! A phone! To make and receive calls. Send and receive messages or mms.

This is not a high end phone. It's a simple one.
And it does its job as it should.

If you need a phone with a memory card, choose another one and don't come here complaining that THIS one doesn't have 3G, card, 5MP camera and the whole hi-tech shebang!


with out memory card option phone is not a phone, this is very bad, but phone looks very nice, nokia company have to upgrade this model for better sales,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • syed hussain

hai gyes i had usen this mobile & i will rate for this up to 10 out of 10

  • 5000

i bought for rm 350, it's a reasonable good price n nice phone.

  • souna

i got the purple one i like it but it dosen't have many options so how to put a specific ringtone for a contact i don't have this option ???????????

  • tshepo

a phone without memory card is not a phone this nower dayz. pliz can u discontinue the phone!!!!

  • ashu

i don't think it's a good phone
1.3 mp camera without memory expendabel is not a good idea
and price is also high
i don't think it help to increase any market share of nokia it's totally flop

  • bhevz... where is th

Tams, 05 Jul 2008Good phone. The price is 4900 in mumbai stores???

  • Tams

Good phone. The price is 4900 in mumbai stores

  • uday bhan pratap sin

dear all this is uday singh from delhi...

my opinion about this handset is that ... price rang is too high in comparision to nokia 2630 and 2600c and feature is also not more than nokia 2630 and 2600 c ...
there is one difference of camera e.g. 1.3 megapixel .... but look is very smart..
price rang should be near Rs.3800 - Rs. 3300 .

  • Anonymous

who is the man who is making such ................. designs with no card slot n mc camera

  • JAIN

if 2.0mp camera, i think this is much better