Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000

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hMM..i preffer dis phone yet..i no need any function,i jz wan buy a extra normal phone..thn i like dis design cz very nice very slim and thn the purple colour is very nice..wait come out..=p

  • Rajeev Kumar

Nokia phones are alwaysz good I am using Nokia phones for last 3 years.Iam very happy with nokia phones features.At present Iam using Nokia 5610 its very goodlooking phone which is extendable upto 4 GB.It is a good music phone as wel as camera flash.with all advance features.

  • Anonymous

5000 is downgrade of 5310.
5000 in low end class and 5310 in mid end class.
absolutly in low end phone you can get limited feature, cause more cheap in prices.
no card slot, 65k in color ...etc.
this phone still in low end class, please don't compare this with another phone in different class.
this is low end phone bro...
i hope all people to know about that. thanx

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me when this phone will be launched in Australia and at what price?
i am going to choose between this phone and the 2630.
the 2630 is now $AUS99 and is a good bargain but this phone looks more stylish and has a larger screen.
plz answer asap. otherwise i will buy the 2630 on saturday (10/4/08).
thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

should have a card slot

  • nObuDDy

Whats the use of mp3 player with only 12mb shared memory and without extended memory option???What a joke

  • Anonymous

come on nokia, i'm not understand..5000 series should be the upgrade of 5500 sport...

  • sunny bhatia

i think put inide a card slot

  • rational think

NOKIA 5000 is the best low end phone from nokia.
modern desaign( slim candybar).
Nice and good looking in screen( 2 inchi, 65k, 240x320 res.).
i hope this phone have quick and fast in proccesor( as all SE low end phone).

  • sanjaya

I think it is good. It will suitable to poor peopl in asia and rest of the world. all are like with camera, FM radio and etc with low price.

  • Anonymous

don`t like desing and big mistake Card slot No .
sooo is a crap,


  • Allo Telecom

euhm this phone isn't that great. 5310 from Nokia is much better, color is also much better. I wouldn't say it's junk, but it's not good also.

  • TC16

this is a 2630 with a 1.3mp
with 5310 style so i ges it will be 40

  • Dani

The Deign is like ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Kids all i can say to this

  • 0123

this phone should be called 2750

  • Anonymous

My Nokia 5610 broke after 2 months as well. I don't like it so I bought another 5300 which is the best Nokia I've ever had.

  • Anonymous

is good this phone but the memori is too little and the camera is bad but y like design

  • Anonymous

waiting 4 upcoming in Bangladesh

  • Anonymous

too bad..
bad color..
just 12 mb!?
mubazir kalee...

  • Anonymous

nokia not 5610 got problem only after 1 1/2 months usage