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Nokia 5110

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I have a lot of memories on this cell phone. in the year of 1999, I borrowed one from my sister, while, my girlfriend put it into her pocket, I rode a bicycle and carried her on our way to school, unluckily, the borrowed NOKIA 5110 had been dropped or stolen... when we found it missing, we were extremely frightened... we had to withdraw all our money and bought a new NOKIA N5110 for my sister.. so in my life this is the fist cell phone I bought, but not belonged to me...

  • mayboy

good for fighting :D

  • Rohan

Rolin, 12 Sep 2000Great performance. Makes a call where other models fail, bu... moreHello,
In future phones will do less call and surf more on the internet. There will Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

  • jessicaB

I have like this before and I always love it.. I master the snake game in my own opinion

  • AnonD-819322

AnonD-819322, 19 Jun 201910th Nokia in my collection :) Amazing, thick and well-buil... moreFixed the battery issue, had to use the ACP-7X (3.5mm) charger instead of the more common AC-12X (3mm)

  • AnonD-819322

10th Nokia in my collection :) Amazing, thick and well-built phone. The BMS-2S battery barely lasts :( £7.50 for a brand new BPS-2.

  • Gabriel Johnson

This was my phone. I brought this phone in 2001 and used it for 17 years. However, this phone doesn't work anymore because the 2G network has been shut down. Now I am using a Nokia 2 (2017) which works with a 4G network. This phone doesn't work with a 4G network or a 3G network, because 3G and 4G didn't exist in 1998.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2018Still better than iPhone X. Awesome phone. Only SMS and cal... moreYou are absolutely right about it being better than the iPhone X.
This was my second phone, first was Motorola C520.
I then had the 6210, followed by 3210 (for custom ringtones).

  • Anonymous

Very Good Phone , Old Is Gold .

  • Charity

I have this phone until now and its google maps works ok.

  • Exe

I love this phone, have still one in working condition... Too bad i cannot use it since any sim i place inside gets "sim not recognized" error... It's liberating to have phone for making calls only that takes 5 seconds to power up and get ready for a call with 20+days battery life. Good old times...

  • Labeo

I have a very good one with original bps battery

  • Anonymous

My first phone in 2003. My dad bought it in 1998, used it until 2001 and he gave me this phone in 2003, when I turned 15. I discovered I'm emo because of the covers for this phone. 2003 is also year when I started using MySpace. I loved pink one with this Nokia pinned to my emo belt. I still have one, however, I don't use it. Also, it's great as self-defense tool and replaced my wristwatch while you could get this Nokia phone from belt.

  • Falcon9070

The famous 5110, I have three of them in my collection; all working ...

a rarely mentioned specification:
the possibility to connect an external antenna ...
this leads to a range of + 50km (4-el Yagi-800-900Mhz)

  • Tenerife

i love nokia 5110

  • AnonD-734734

Ahh. the memories!!!

This was my first ever Nokia phone! I loved the small size and the fact that you could change and swap the fascias of the phone! I remember being with BT Cellnet back in those days!!

Awesome battery life too!!

Great phone!

  • Anonymous

Still better than iPhone X. Awesome phone. Only SMS and calls. No one needs internet on the go, only businessmans do. One of best for self-defense if they harass you because you are emo.

  • AnonD-711897

this was my second mobile phone in 98 i bought this nokia 5146 with one2one network now known as EE. great memories.

  • TheRabbit

whinx, 10 Nov 2016anyone knows where in the PHILIPPINES this phone is still a... moreTry (Sulit) some peeps are selling it the same price as modern smartphones.

  • Anonymous

dickson, 09 Nov 2016I want this phones plz can give me a direction where i ifind itU.K.
eBay have lots