Nokia 5110

Nokia 5110

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  • misho

niki kade si .:):):):):)

  • nelu

It's OK !!!

  • Jack

its an Ok budget phone, has all the basic features but its not for anyone who wants to do fancy things with their phone!! Id much sooner pay a bit (or a lot) more for the Nokia 6210

  • Rona grieve

can you pleas esend me a list of price tariffs for this phone

  • Polly

As for your website.....why the hell is it dating my entries as 1999? Jeez people, you can do better than this???

  • Polly

I think the 5110 is OK. However,I think it sucks that we cannot download ringtones for the 5110. Why the hell not?

  • Rolin

Great performance. Makes a call where other models fail, but it is a little too heavy for me.