Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

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  • Satheesh

Macbeth, 23 Sep 2018Yes.My nokia 5130 xpressmusic mobile was update to 2018.

  • JigJack

i hope they will do a rework from one of the xpressmusic phones. i miss the dedicated musicplayer buttons.

Loko, 18 Aug 2018You mean the ebay chinese "refurbished"?Yes.

  • Loko

AnonD-663653, 30 May 2018Quiker and olx sellers are sale poor quality 5130 with cheap dup... moreYou mean the ebay chinese "refurbished"?

  • ManWhoSleptWithWolf

Currently using this phone ,Nostalgia coming from nowhere,usually when we hear epic ring tone.(and LED lights)

  • Mustafizur rahman

AnonD-218276, 25 Dec 2013How to get back Nokia 5130 XM stock games and application like B... moreBluetooth not open

  • AnonD-663653

Quiker and olx sellers are sale poor quality 5130 with cheap duplicate body of 5130 and saying that brand new..never buy guyzz..

  • Sandeep

My lovable, extraordinary, unforgettable wonderfull product from Nokia.... Thank u nokia for giving this product

  • Hasan

Opera mini not download please tell me how to download opera mini

  • vajira

I used my nokia phone about year 2010 up to now 2018 its is very very good phone .
suddenly gone display -- how can I read phone numbers -- connect through USB with my personal computer --- what is the software download/install to read the phone numbers

  • AnonD-209554

Love this phone, 8 years daily usage for talk and text, 8 gig of my favorite music. still using it now. Only recently I bought a cheap China basic phone, dismayed by it's performance, I discarded it to my junk items. If I want to use the internet, I shift to laptop.

  • Anonymous

i have this phone is perfect for listen music.....already have 9 years working without problems

  • Anonymous

Its a good phone

  • sunzet1

Loved the phone and used it as long at it worked but in 2011 the buttons started to fail and I gave in to those who told me it was really about time I got an smartphone...

  • sunil banjare

nice mobile phone

  • GK

I brought a refurbished 5130 last week.
better than today's any basic mobile...

  • AnonD-700237

Still using it since December 2009, working fine... :)


i am using Nokia 5130 On 2 Yers Nice Model

  • Moussa

Hi dears i want you to tell me please what's network card Nokia XpressMusic 5130c-2 made in Romania work with.
endeed i think you'll help now because i'm in Guinea and i can't use any network.

  • nikhik

btu, 22 Mar 2017Why the hell Nokia stopped these just because of the arrival of ... morei have recntly orderd blue one..