Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

Wally, 05 Nov 2008Wow! a new xpressmusic that seems awesome and cheap, almost the ... more5130 does record videos,,, it is indicated in the nokia website...

  • Wally

Wow! a new xpressmusic that seems awesome and cheap, almost the best phone of Nokia to features - price tag relation... it will be the next best seller...
Very similar to nokia 5310...

Design: 6 (Just nice and well done, good keypad with very cheapo plastic that can be confotable with time but at the start hard to press, good size of the display, big dedicated music buttons, good place for the spkears at the front, xpressmusic phones are almost to similar in design, cheapo construction but itīs plastic... so it will resist some falls)

Features: 9 (For the market is entering, low-mid range, for the amount of features, for the price is going to be sell it has impressive features and for having all the music specs we wait for a music phone.

It has a great resolution display, qvga is nice, 256k colors may be improved but to get a good price you have to sacrifice com things, still good.
It itīs a quad band gsm phone, almost all the world is covered, it has edge too..
Connectivity is covered with usb, bluetooth with A2dp that is incredible to see in this range for a music phone.
Camera is decent with 2mp in-built, lacks viedo recording, flash and autofocus but is a music phone people.
No internal memory but external memory to 8gb itīs enough and you get a 1gb memory card with the phone, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
So, itīs not a 10 because it lacks some things but the important features are there)

Performance: 5 (Standard battery life.. for the price something must be wrong and i think it will be the battery life, the performance of the whole phone still colud be well,but is something yet to see)

Nokia is immproving music phones in the mid range, they are far better than Motorola and very close to Sony Ericsson, Samsung has just started this battle in the music phone market..

A little comparison between Nokia 5130 and 5310:

Nokia 5130 over 5310:
- Lower price, which is very important.
- Almost same specs in music features.
- Itīs quad band gsm phone. (5310 is only tri band)
- 2 spkears at the front of the phone. (5310 doesnīt have this)

Nokia 5310 over 5130:
- Better color and size display.(Nokia 5310 has a 16m color screen over the 256k of the 5130 and 5310 has a little bigger display, difference is only 0.1 inches)
- Better quality construction of the phone.
- Camera can record video in qcif. (5130 doesnīt record video)
- Some extra aplication like:
. Nokia sensor
. Nokia mobile search
. World Clock II
. Converter II

I love the two phones, 5130 and 5310 are great music phones.. i love them...i want to buy the two of them...jeje..

sorry to being so extended..:) Chau!

  • Anonymous

this will definately be a seller..... decent features at a decent price-point, everyone will be having this baby.... we've seen it all before, 5300, 5310, 6300, and many more.....

  • schneller

Wow. Nokia. Candy bar. Quad band. 3.5mm jack. Less than $150 USD. A2DP. This is exactly the phone I have been looking for. How soon can I buy it here in the US?

  • Anonymous

No video? ew

  • Anonymous

wow a 3.5mm headphone jack?! This is beyond sony ericsson's latest technology!!

  • Sunny

is this the advanced version of the olf nokia 5310 Xpress Music?

  • ss

let me tell you its an awesome mobile for $100

  • John

From Marakech Comm store

  • John

I got mine yesterday for $78 in US, it's OK phone

  • ss

battery specification is not good

  • Anonymous

with less budget can buy a 3.5mm port music phone!!

  • Anonymous

what is the difference between this fone and 5310..

Its look much the same.

Confusing for new people

  • H3RO

skylauncher101, 04 Nov 2008Symbian? Don't expect to much from this phone. It's not a smartp... moreXpressMusic must be easy control, menu and functions.
If somebody want more, he will buy something else like Omnia, Tube, HTC etc.
So, it's not only for a teenagers but also for people who don't need phone that have everything.

  • sheeks

this isnt a nice phone, it has only 256k colors.. this phone is really 4 the 3rd world countries who wants Xpressmusic....

  • kitty

It looks low end but definitely a nice addition to my endless collection of music phones. Will definitely buy one as a secondary phone.

  • skylauncher101

Eugen, 04 Nov 2008Nice phone for music, especially the 3.5 jack! No Symbian??? Why?Symbian? Don't expect to much from this phone. It's not a smartphone. It's a phone for teens. They only care for the music and camera. :)

  • skylauncher101

OMFG!!! WTF!! This is the most affordable ExpressMusic phone? Wow! This phone rocks!

  • Praveen

All these Specifications like 2MP Camera, 3.5mm Jack and 1GB memory Card for Just 110$. Really amazing. Hats off Nokia. I will buy a one for my mom immediately after its launch.

  • Eugen

Nice phone for music, especially the 3.5 jack! No Symbian??? Why?