Nokia 5140i

Nokia 5140i

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  • Lilani

Hey all I realy think this phone is a cool one,being too hype is too dead,cooler is better.keep it simply seductive.

  • Mrs Loneley

I disagree, I think this phone is far worse than any other phone that I have ever ever seen apartr from the ones that I have not seen that are obviously better than the ones we are discussing the exception of course is the models we have definatly seen but are sure that we dont really know if they are better in any way than the ones we are discussing.

  • Mr Lonely

I think this phone is better than any other phone ive ever ever seen that has been less better than this very phone we are discussing right now.

  • jess

Fair go. This may not have bluetooth, but i certainly wouldn't urge you to buy a siemens m65 instead - those phones have issues!

  • Anonymous

Upgrade - screen, mp3 and edge. Bluetooth?

  • alex

This Nokia is a very nice phone...but not very nice !! this phone is for mad people,he dosen`t breaks so resist in water !! wow !! what a phone !!

  • Hunter

Nokia you should take a look to Siemens.And LEARN HOW TO UPGRADE FROM ONE PHONE TO ANOTHER.I really don`t know what you want to realise whit that 65k color screen.This is your best Nokia????!!!!I hope not.I own a nokia phone,the 6630 and i want to buy myself an outdoor phone but this is just garbage.I will Buy the M65 from Siemens.

  • anita

No bluetooth....what planet are nokia on?? its a builders phone and builders are self employed and make and take calls in their cars and vans! der nokia!!!

  • Jess

I don't see why you would upgrade from a 5140 to this if it doesn't even have Bluetooth. I would just wait until a better upgrade comes out, one that has more useful new features (all it really has extra is MP3 and im sure you could cope with just having polyphonic until a much better version comes out).

  • bla

It's the best phone in the world!

  • ShizZ

it has a very COOL design ...

  • jo

According to some other review,comparing it to the Nokia 5140i, it states, "The new model is also slightly bulkier all around", does that mean, 5140 Xpress on Shells will not fit ?

  • sheldon griffin

Does anyone know if the new 5140i is equipped with bluetooth.
not much use or different if it hasnt.

  • Fobbe_21

Does anyone know when this phone come shops in Finland. In Nokia website read that it arriwes on 2Q, 2005 and it is now... And has anyone bought it? How much it costed?

In 5104 screen is worse than 5140i and that's the reason why I want this phone..

Can anyone answer to my email?

  • Melissa

I am a workwoman and i love this phone! i take it to work at my building site!

  • jo

No "durable" nokia has been annouced with bluetooth, Only Siemens M75

  • jan day

does any one no if a nokia durable phone is comming out with bluetooth

  • zani

Hey guys no use off fighting. The thing is this has MP3 But its not a shock resistance. but in my knowledge the siemens M65 has that option. and the voice recording is so high u can record MP3 songs and as ringer tones

  • bernard

hi guys...just read my opinion here...imagine..when your in the middle of jungle or inthe somewhere in the u think..u need that MMC, videocams Etc..etc..? all u need is help and something can help u to direct where are your location, in 5140i u will find a compass...its that great...think will u!!

  • Satan

:) he he that's where you go wrong mate. see the thing is although you're not aware of it, there are s/w where you can cut parts of full mp3 songs. that's like you can seperate abt 30 sec of the song you like and then cut it and use that as a ringtone. when you convert them if need be with another s/w it comes to abt 200kb mate. see? now that wasn't that hard to understand, was it? :) oh and one more thing, ppl aren't as lame as you to think this phone can play mp3 songs with just 3MB of memory dude:)what that amigo guy meant was the i said common sense duuuuude!!! common sense :) hope you find it.
all the best...