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Nokia 5140i

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  • jo

Satan, pay attention this time and stop arguing with God.My post was to clarify michyael p. amigo post that the phone "has mp3". My statements was not about"mp3 ringtones"Nokia states that the phone will come with few mp3 ring tones you fool, my argument that this phone is not an mp3 music player as some people will be misled to believe, so when you stupidly state that the phone can fit few mp3"ringtones", we already know that, poop brain. Mobile Review states that free memory is about 2MB and thus I stand behing my statement "the average MP3 song is about 3-4MB,, do the math. Most likely, the phone will play few notes from a very small MP3 file. Got it."

  • Satan

hey Jo i sure have lots of space mate cos my skull ain't clogged with crap like yours...:) i'm not commenting on how much it could have been improved with this new version of it. it sure could have been. but i was merely pointing out wht you missed with regard to tht mp3 ringtone issue mate. if u dont know, just dont make it any more obvious buddy...

  • Jo

Rubaiyat, I can't agree more. I am still using N5100 and been waiting for a decent upgrade,bluetooth,larger memeory, MP3 Player,,not ring tones,"pay attention satan,,the only "sufficient space" is in your scull !! N5140i is a total disapointment for currnet N5100 and N5140 owners.We were expecting a 6230 in a shell:)Siemens M65 is a better choice and as I mentioned in an earlier post, looking forward for M75 in June.

  • Satan

Hey Jo,
make sure you know what your talking about when u comment on something next time. A 30 second mp3 clip fit enough for a ring tone can easily be converted to about 200-250 kb. hence this can easily hold about 5 decent mp3 ringtones while leaving suffient space for other stuff. obviously you dont need a whole god damn song for a ringtone you schnook. leave out the math.. use common sense first mate.

  • Rubaiyat

I'm still using Nokia 5100 & I love it too much. I am too disappointed that the new Nokia 5140i doesn't add any special feature. It doesn't even have blutooth, extra memory card. It is giving mp3 feature, but memory is not enough. Then what is use of it? I think NOKIA 5 series is 1 of the funky set ever. But, it doesn't have anything inside it...

  • jo

• People, please pay attention to details and don’t be misled by marketing gimmicks. Nokia states “24 polyphonic MIDI ringing tones, MP3 ringing tones, AMR audio clips “. Since the phone has a Total Shared Memory of 3MB, the average MP3 song is about 3-4MB,, do the math. Most likely, the phone will play few notes from a very small MP3 file. Got it.

  • michyael p. amigo

how i thought it has bluetooth,memory card, but its okey, it has mp3 and more clearer.than nokia 5140..but i still love my nokia 5140 its still kool...

  • chris

Once aagain, Nokia highlights its "quantity over quality"...I am a phone sales person, and I can't stand it when they bring out a so-called "NEW" phone, when a customer asks, "what's the difference?"..."oh nothing, just the screen...".........I look on my phone wall, and there are about 20 Nokia phones on it, but not many of them are much different to the others. For instance, Nokia 7610, 6670 - the same pretty much! Nokia 7250i, 6610i - the same! In my oppinion they don't need to release so many phones!

  • teen

If this phone had bluetooth it would be a lot easier to sell. Car kit compatible..and, a good selling point is.....if you work in an environment where it's dusty, moist etc...then leave the phone in your tool box (or tucked away in a pouch) and answer calls on the bluetooth headset when in these environments as you'd rather expose a bluetooth headset to this and run the risk of breaking a $100 unit, rather than having to replace a $500 unit! NOKIA, if you're reading this....a durable phone that supports car kit WITH CRADLE and is bluetooth capable is wanted by your customers...I am a dealer for Telstra, and this is needed! These a predominantly tradespersons, men, with big fingers...they need a key pad with BIG buttons, easy to read screen and all of the above!

  • christine

I would have thought Nokia would have actually brought out bluetooth in a durable phone by now! The amount of trade people I speak to that need a durable phone that supports a car kit is huge! Tradespeople are always travelling in their cars to and from jobs...they are talking on their phones in the car all the time! It needs to be car kit compatible.....and also, there needs to be a durable CDMA phone version of this that supports a car kit with cradle so coverage can be extended with cradle/antenna!

  • ande

why have nokia not put bluetooth in this kit, this will make it harder to sell in the u.k.

  • mikyboy

other than the amount of memory the specifications are really good... basically who ever buys this would only really require the rugged build + the ability to make and receive call...

any discrepancies please add on...

  • lucky briantoro

im working in the open space (outdoor activity) and i need tought cellphone cause sometimes my phone was fall down hardly, im interinsting to get this 5140i do u know, is this one became to sell in Indonesia??

  • jo

I am still using Nokia 5100 and love it, I passed the upgrade to N5140 and now disappointed by the N5140i. I am so much looking forward to Siemens M75. Nokia should know that Brand Loyalty is sacreficed if they don't keep up with the compition.

  • Dede

I rather choose Siemens M65 or Upcoming M75 than this Nokia phone! Trust me you will not dissapointed by buying Siemens product, especially for it's 'M' series with additional extra tough, water resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant!
Viva Siemens,

--- The Reverse Engineer ---

  • mohammed

am a user of nokia 5100 its a good mobile i may change 2 5140i but i guess the memmory is small and the screen resolution could be better and does it record video .
i gue i wi buy a siemens m65 better mem & screen .

  • sAM hOBSON

can you download mp3 files onto this phone and how much money is the phone?

  • tupin

and btw real climbers & trekkers need 2-way radios rather than mobiles and both sports are kinda expensive so you still need to slave in the office and rather spend extra $200 on a good crampons that on a spare "city" nokia with bluetooth. why can't we have grades within the rough zone - i.e. 5140i and something as rubber but with 6230i features and ok - more expensive? otherwise will have to use 5100 for 10 years, god bless its durability

  • tupin

bluetooth, mp3 & card slot. where are they? my beloved 5100 needs a good replacement. give us 6230 in a rubber case! please...

  • Anonymous

65K Colors?STN?128 X 128 Pixels? When this thing is launched, it will have the worst screen of all..