Nokia 5210

Nokia 5210

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  • Andrea


  • Panos

It's a huge piece of shit.

  • yohnny

It is peace of shit ( BIG )

  • purke

its best

  • Bob

The original colour of the housing is not pleasing to the eye. After changing it I find that it looks better. Its' features are similar to the Nokia 8250 which I lost. I liked the thermometer, calender reminder function and the morning wake-up alarm. They are helpful during my trips overseas.

  • Jovan

This is great phone.

  • Ivaylo

This is a wonderfull phone!!!

  • nokia 5210

a feature phone,i like it,but the thermometer doesn t work very well,because,i heard it is the first generation to this feauture,and it isn t professional,but i don t mind,because it shows an aprox temperature.for me it is the best.i know that in tthe Connect test it receive an satisfactory note,but i buy it because i love adventure
in the Connect test:
signal:68(150 max)

  • jo watson

here is your info


i want to buy one

  • Mate

Great Phone!

  • benen (singapore,16)

i think this phone is rather heavy, ive used it b 4. besides its improved durability, u guys think theres anything more to tat? smilez =)

  • mohamed

It is possible to edit it via IR also and it is very easy and sipmle, you can also ignore disabeling group graphics if you wnat, have a nice time b

  • Jack

Nokia 5210 is great. However, I hate the on/off button as it's very hard to press. Otherwise, it's ok. By the way, someone stated than version 5.13 has bugs but for me i don't think so. However, if this phone has an intergrated radio, it would be quite a high value-added product.

  • kaupz

why should I" also disable group graphics ".
is it possible to edit calendar with pc via ir

  • mohamed

hi this is a tip for kaupz you have only to use LOGOMANGER and open phone explorer and choose caller groups, go to each caller group, change the ringtone of each and save and also disable group graphics and save after finishing, everything will be in order and you won't have to change the software or anything, best regards

  • kaupz

has anyone else software problems, like if I go names-caller groups-vip-select it gives me menu 11-2-1 to choos a language. the only thing that helps is restart

  • chris

these phones are ok but could do with more on they are almost just the same as a 3330

  • Anonymous

this phone vol is veri low. its level5 is = 2 level3 of 3310. n the vibration is veri weak

  • obanor ehi

i own one.