Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

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  • babu

This phone is very good!!! Period.

  • pasimen1

i love it because it never give me any problem but i use it with care and i think care is every thing

  • marudha muthu

I am facing problem with this phone. It got switched-off and its not getting switched-on again. I think it got virus in it. I don't know how to resolve this. please help.

  • sagar majumder

outlook is good, but not satisfying service

  • sam

d worst nokia handset i ve ever used...

  • Anonymous

please people learn to spell

  • sami

outluk is gud bt vry problemtic

  • dev

i alreadt used it....& i dnt like it....besically its very problematic.

  • neelesh

sar, 06 Mar 2010good design. but video quality is very poorya i agree wid u...

  • sar

good design. but video quality is very poor

  • Eugene

I purchased one for my mum last year and she's very happy with it. Sound is good.What i really like about it is that it's lightweight and handy especially for people like me who for one reason or the other always have to carry more than one cellphone in my pocket. Besides it's a Nokia..

  • Muttu

It is the worst phone its have much and more hanging problem. people are beliving on nokia company but they loosing there goodwill.plz don'n buy it. but 5130 is better then this one and cost also less

  • Anonymous

good phone but sometimes hangs up...

  • PLAYER_143

thiz phone is really worst,it hangs 6-7 times a day and thiz is really irretating i recently threw the mob and started samsung handset and is really best


the people who thinks nokia 5220 is a bad phone . then i think they suck cuz you people didnt use it well or you havent bought the original phone . cuz i am using nokia 5220 for 2 years and it havent gave me any promlem yet. ok !!!

  • Abhimanyu

My phone hang and restar 2 to 3 times a day nd more then 5 times new software has been installed from nokia care and once it has been send to delhi. 1 month it performs well bt now also it hangs nd restart and it not starting. now tell me solution for this

  • Anonymous

I think its not good phone

  • Devilboy

thats a bad phone never bought it

  • bkg

Phone get hang suddenly 2-3 times in day, any solution?

  • Anonymous

A good phone.