Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

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  • pablo

bibek, 16 Feb 2019sensor game downloadscompared to my nokia bt different apps

  • bibek

kuwait, 14 Dec 2010uninstall zip manager for the installation of the game prince of... moresensor game downloads

  • ovi mahanta


  • ranjan das

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2012from OVI Storeovi store

  • haridev

what does the PUK code mean??

  • Gill

How to use sim

  • Sapna

Some messages and contact numbers are reflecting in Chinese. ..cannot even delete those...any suggestions?

  • riz

no net , no whatsaap, no facebook ,
lol mobile

  • Anonymous

My whatapps is not working properly in nokia 5233

  • Anonymous

It supports WhatsApp or not

  • Anonymous

seven, 24 Oct 2017yes it supports whatsappHow

  • Imran

Nokia 5233 not 3G work what problem in my mobile

  • seven

Biki , 12 Oct 2017Can I process the whatsap application in Nokia 5233 model?yes it supports whatsapp

  • Biki

Chandan, 22 Sep 2017Whats app Can I process the whatsap application in Nokia 5233 model?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-692719, 18 Aug 2017Loved this phone once upon a time. I remember those days when i... moreYou explained lot. Thank you very much. This is enough for me to buy this phone once more thank you. My requirement is making calls only. No need of much android facilities.

  • Anonymous


  • Chandan

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2016Nokia in no whatsappsWhats app

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2016Nokia in no whatsappsWhatsapp

  • AnonD-692719

Loved this phone once upon a time.
I remember those days when internet was new and android did not took its shape in market.
This was the biggest screen we used to see in market after N90 communicator series.

Cant forget those lovely emotions attached with this phone. Above that, we used to do lot of work from home with this phone for where I used to work for customer support. This was by far the fastest phone to work online.

Nokia 5233 also had stylus and few options to change the back cover. The covers came in trendy colors like Blue, Orange and Black. The beauty of box provided by Nokia and the way they represented the packaging outside as well as inside made the phone buying experience a kind of festive celebration. Now a days even if buy a phone worth equivalent to a motorcycle, we do not get much in box, and sizes of box has so drastically reduced to just few mm more than the handset to save on cost, that we do not feel that it is such a precious phone.

Thanks to Nokia for few such wonderful creation for mankind. They were once upon a time the life of everyone in that era of early smart phones. Few of the unmatched handsets I used and cant forget are E63 (, 5510, 3310 (, 6233 (­ounced-news-147.php)

  • Pinku

Battery meter not showing charging