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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]is it utk?

  • Anonymous

Sbdevilmind, 26 Nov 2010Hey guys, if you want the song list sidewinder posted then i can... moreThats it . Well done !

  • utk

[deleted post]Good move...

  • Sbdevilmind

Hey guys, if you want the song list sidewinder posted then i can help. I have actually saved it as a opera mini save page. I will mark the list and post it again. Btw, i seriously think that reporting sidewinder's good post was a very lowlife thing to do. He wasn't posting any crap. He was helping me and as it has turned out many guys here actually liked it. I know how cumbersome it is to think of a song then write it down. The long list he gave, i bet it took him more than 15 minutes to assemble them all. He tried to help wholeheartedly and i am really happy he did that for me. So, i am now posting sidewinder's song list again. Report if anyone wants to. But i am now saying to all that as long as the comments posted has no racism, foul language and other nonsence stuff, every other comments to help others is welcome from my part. I and the other loyal posters here like to help and we will do it even if its off topic. Take those offtopics as free add ons from us.
Anyone want to negate to my comment are welcome.

  • Anonymous

download apps from mobile 9.

  • kwsyk

I am using this phone for one week. I love its all features. Even its music.. it has a moderate sound quality with a nice bass boost.. btw, I've installed 1 application from OVI store (scribble away), and a theme (apple death). I've also download 3/4 videos from OVI store. Now I wanna download some best feature application from OVI store, so, pls guys tell me about some useful free application/videos only from OVI store. Thanks in advance.


utk, 25 Nov 2010I was just talking from GSMArena's POV. As for me... I'm open t... morei knew it...... :-)
btw what's your take on walkman issue? i mean how come that many of his posts stayed out there for so long?
and once again shame to those who reported that post of side but not reported walkman's posts.

  • utk

JUSTBOUGHT5233, 25 Nov 2010surprised mate...... its not the utk we knew..... i mean do you ... moreI was just talking from GSMArena's POV.
As for me... I'm open to all kind of discussions no matter how directly, indirectly, remotely or not at all related they are to our phone.


utk, 25 Nov 2010Just a random choice. Your's were the first post at that time. I... moresurprised mate...... its not the utk we knew..... i mean do you seriously think that discussions on hacking/cfw/apps should be stopped? if yes then why do you think so?

  • utk

[deleted post]I'm sorry to say that it is actually me posting through ucbrowser. Right now I'm using opera mini. And when I'm using my pc, my ip is 'utk'. Now you know why I'm using 'utk' as my username.

  • utk

[deleted post]Just a random choice. Your's were the first post at that time. I think I got banned for reporting walkman's posts. I have been consistently reporting his posts for some time now.

  • utk

SidewindeR, 25 Nov 2010Ahhh!! Somebody reported my post and now it's deleted. I guess i... moreAnd discussions about CFWs, flashing, hacking, cracked apps etc must be a strict no no.
Everyone should just write about what they think about this phone.

  • Anonymous

I need to buy a phone for christmas. Planning to get 5233. Im not a rough user. Very careful abt my phones.Just want to know how goos is it?

  • SidewindeR

Ahhh!! Somebody reported my post and now it's deleted. I guess if discussing about music is an Off-topic thing here, then posting comments and reviews about new apps should be equally off-topic as well. Then what's the fun in that? This forum is one of the most active and interesting forums in GSMArena. Useful stuff is being discussed here on a daily basis unlike other forums where the only thing that happens all day is people fighting over mobile phones just to prove that their phone is better.
I'm really happy to see even non 5233 users come here and give useful inputs. And that is what I really like about this forum. Off-topic or not I just can't stop posting stuff which I feel I should share with all here. So who's up for a cup of tea???

  • Abangelmind.

Its for your info guys. Vodafone users in india when uses their wap access point gets their ip starting with '95'. When they select internet access point gets the ip address starting with 't }' or Hk . Lot of guys here posting their comments are vodafone customers including Sbdevilmind.

  • Blackbrair

[deleted post]Wow superb songs yaar........i think u should share other songs in ur fav. list with us...

  • sukhvinder bishnoi

i have this ph. And is so good nd in ths ph more features i like this ph.

  • nadia

thx for everyones info. . . . . .

  • utk

JUSTBOUGHT5233, 25 Nov 2010sorry was side who recommended mdr-ed12lp, sorry sb. m... moreI think the falling out is quite common among this kind of models.
I don't know... Last time he posted from a different ip.

  • utk

JUSTBOUGHT5233, 25 Nov 2010nope mate....actually a bit busy with studies these days.....and... moreAbout the investment part. Well that depends on whether you happen to like your purchase. My first branded headphone.. the philips shh9700 cost me around 1000 Rs. And to this day I have not regretted my choice of going for a relatively expensive model because of audio quality and comfort level it offers.
But since you dislike IEMs or are afraid of discomfort while using them, all i can say is buy the best you can on your very first purchase. Or if you intend to check out costly IEMs later, purchase cheaper model first.
My suggestion would be to buy one of those new cheap philips IEMs that may be available for 350Rs from local stores. Test out the comfort level and if you like it, stick with them or go for a higher model.