Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

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  • Anonymous

Sbdevilmind, 25 Nov 2010Come on, dude. Don't be so hard. He was helping me as i requeste... moreas you know your personal e mail accounts each other, why not you use it for personal chats?answer it first. So its a show for all .Attaching a sorry with off topic items dont make it in topic. So give your suggestions to anybody else, Sb .
Look, i am just making my stand clear.
Btw, there is no question on Sidewinde's helping nature and experience.I can question even my respected president in case of a suspect.

  • Mj

Guys, today i connected my earphone to my old 6300 phone and changed setting from headphone to text phone... Oh..sound o/p got louder like exmusic phone. And it's did very well in 5230 also.. Thanks for this trick...

  • utk

kuto tops, 25 Nov 2010which is better resistive or capacitive screens?In terms of sensitivity capacitive is better.

  • japecs

i know someone using this phone using opera mini as a browser and browsing any site absolutely for free..someone says that may be the setting of the browser...cant anyone tell me how? thanks

  • utk

[deleted post]hey... that list has some of my favorites in it. It seems we have similar tatse.

  • vichu

the camera quality is high as compared to other phones of this price but sound is low creative head is having good sound effect Don't store the downloaded things in your phone memory becoz viruse may affect your phone

  • Sbdevilmind

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2010Dude use your e mail for these type of things. Why to post in f... moreCome on, dude. Don't be so hard. He was helping me as i requested for it. I am the culprit here. And you should learn to respect him too. He has been postings comments and helping everyone here even before you set your foot here (and written names of hundreds of application names too). So give such suggestions to those who are new here. Besides, he already said sorry for posting off topic comment. No offence, i hope.

  • Sbdevilmind

[deleted post]OMG!!! I hoped you would give a couple of your favorites but you gave a huge number of em. Thanks a ton, friend. I will start my download right away. Btw, i ain't a music enthusiast. I just happen to groove along with the song's music. Thanks again!!!

  • kuto tops

which is better resistive or capacitive screens?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Dude use your e mail for these type of things. Why to post in forums ?
I wish you post a full page list of applications , rather than this.

  • Ishtiak

Can anybody suggest me about aulternet 3.5 audio jack for batter sound?

  • Anonymous

nk333, 24 Nov 2010I had read about UC browser for internet on the forum. But i was... moreuc browser has the best download manager ever. It is not a ram eater like opera mobile 10. Since 5233 has limited connectivity options, usually a server side compression is needed. Use it for sometime, you will discover its potentials. As for basic browsing is concerned opera mini (not opera mobile )does is pretty neat job.

  • nk333

I had read about UC browser for internet on the forum. But i was quite disappointed. I have been using opera mobile 10 and find it much better as far as speed, user interface or downloads are considered.


its a gud phn n no one can say a damn abt t....................

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2010Guys .....can u give me link to app pencil .....­_2932/1/?kw=pencil&ff=on

  • Anonymous

Guys .....can u give me link to app pencil .....

  • anu

the background of oparamini not pure white.looks like old to change?

  • Titan

[deleted post]nonsense. . . . !

  • Anonymous

utk, 24 Nov 2010Cause it's supposed to be different. What's the point of having ... morethat is the fact. Now i am in search of a good ear phone. Then want to check that line out option.

  • Anonymous

Sbdevilmind, 24 Nov 2010Huh..... Are you complaining or asking a question. Every audio... moregood analysis. Line out option also works well with my home music system .Feels deep bass in woofers . Better than the its native source.