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  • SidewindeR

chetan, 08 Sep 2010@SidewindeR : I have been planning to buy this phone but some ... moreBro.. i've been using this phone for morethan 6 months now. Gone through three updated in this period and eachtime the phone's performance has improved and has become more stable.
No restart or time changing problems for me.
The voice quality is typical of nokia phones so no surprises here either.
All these complains are posted by trolls that come here to bash this phone because they are jealous and is cursing themselves for buying some stupid feature phone.

  • SidewindeR

Lijo Kerala, 08 Sep 2010Hw to avoid viewing of images in other gallery it ... moreBy default the gallery scans all the folders created in the phone to search media content. This itself slows the phone down. There isn't any way of bypassing this issue unless someone comes up with a mod that will scan only the images and video folders. But there is an alternative and even better photoviewer. Try LCG Photobook. It's the best photo viewer software for s60 devices and is much much faster than the default gallery.
Charging overnight won't affect your battery. The new chargers are engineered to automatically cut power to the phone upon charging completion. Infact i've been following this habit since day one and hasn't faced any issues with battery life.

  • Rohit

@ Sbdevilmind :
Im planning to buy this phone but -ve comments are posing some prblms:

plz clarify on the following problems:

1.Restart problem
2.Time changing problem
3.voice clarity issues
Do u face such problems ever on ur nokia 5233??

  • chetan

@SidewindeR :
I have been planning to buy this phone but some negative comments are resisting from my decision:
plz clarify on the following problems:
1.Restart problem
2.Time changing prblm
3.voice clarity
Do u face such problems ever on ur nokia 5233??

  • Lijo Kerala

SidewindeR, 08 Sep 2010Hi guys.. Been busy a bit wid exams n i'm back.. To all those... moreHw to avoid viewing of images in other gallery it shows images from all the folders (like images in power mp3 etc) thr any way to avoid it ????

Will overnite downloading in net using phone connected to pc harm the phone ??????

  • shuvo

this phone is very smart.i love this phone.

  • SidewindeR

Hi guys.. Been busy a bit wid exams n i'm back..

To all those ppl here bashing this phone and to the one's aspiring to buy one, here is the reason why I bought this phone.

1) Damn cheap.. At the time of my purchase, it costed only as much as a Corby pop or an LG GW300. A symbian smartphone at this price was too hard for me to resist.

2) Display : Class leading 3.2in display with a resolution of 640x360 pixels capable of displaying 16M true colours. Not to mention a better touch sensitive panel than even the 5800.

3) Bluetooth : Class leading BT 2.1 technology supporting upto 250kBps transfer rates while others in this range are still stuck at 40-60kBps.

4) Web browser : Again a clear winner among competition with full flash support and the ability to run native java script and display web pages like that of a full fledged desktop browser.

5) Messaging : Unlimited messaging thanks to the power symbianOS with support for push mail and a QWERTY to go with it.

6) Multiplatform support supporting native symbian apps, Java midlets, Python and QT runtime support.

7) Multitasking thanks to 128MB of dedicated RAM.

8) Upto 33 hours of music playback thanks to the behemoth BL-5J battery.

9) Great customisation possibilities with themes support and 3rd party HS support like Orange Tsunami.

10) User friendly interface which is sort of self explanatory thanks to Nokia's s60v5 interface.

11) Almost forgot. The video recording capabilities are unmatched by any phone in this segment. VGA @ 30fps with clear AAC audio. Need I say more...

Now if youre planning to buy this phone just for it's speaker quality, then it is better you find other alternatives. No SE or samsung or LG phones in this segment gives you half the features of 5233. That's the fact and it is so damn cheap... If you still demand more at this price range it utter arrogance.

Using this phone for the past 6 months and still a happy and satisfied user.

  • Sbdevilmind

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010in what way or aspect do nokia 5233 has advantage among the othe... moreBoth the samsung phones you mentioned are no where close to the hardware of this device. The samsung phones aren't smartphones. That is, you can't do anything else except listening to songs and watching videos. Smartphones are handheld computers. With enough knowledge you can do many many stuffs in this s60v5 device. This device has got a larger screen as well as a much greater resolution and pixel density. The samsung phones are of 320x240 resolution while this phone is of 640x360 resolution. So video playback and photos are much smoother and clearer in this device. Camera of samsung has same resolution but is no match with the one in nokia 5233 cause nokia's video recording resolution is 640x480 in 30fps, the same resolution at which satellite tv services, like TataSky in india, provide their videos and we know how good that is. Samsung on the other hand gives a maximum video resolution of 320x240 with only 15fps.
So basically, the samsung phones you mentioned is only for those who knows nothing but calling, messaging and listening to songs. If you have any doubts regarding this mobile, feel free to ask me.

  • the moon

What is in the box

  • Siraj Bhurt

Very nice but one thing is shot camera flash.

  • Anonymous

impt question.
lots of apps require ur imei number to 'sign' it. is der any risk of de phone being deactivated if de imei number gets in de wrong hands? plz reply. its one thing dats holding me bak frm utilising de full potential of dis awesome phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010Nokia 5233 in what way or aspect do nokia 5233 has advantage among the other 2 samsung phones? thanks!

  • Shahinuzzamann

Battery is not suported as per specification in the user manual

  • Mins

[deleted post]dear.. go for nokia C6(Wi-Fi).. best in price.

  • vamsi

what a phone . it's amazing

  • shubham parmar

i am krazy this phone

  • isha

my WORST PURCHASE in my whole life.

bakwass sound quality. stands nowhere in comparison to 5800.
vry vry low visibility in sunlight.
very very low voice clarity. and low volume.
music quality bakwass.
recipint on the other side cant hear clearly when speak softly.
definately a no no for girls...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nokia 5233

  • sukumar

it is comfortable to use

  • Bhuvan Mishra

Hi guys,
This phone is ultimate I have use last 6 month. imagine phone and good looking and good quality sound,picture,video every looking is good.........thanks