Nokia 5310 (2020)

Nokia 5310 (2020)

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  • rexxsimba

A good 5MP camera , improved screen , 1 GB RAM and Opera Mini could make this phone a world beater ... the SAMSUNG B360 Duo remains way ahead of this phone ... NOKIA can do better ... !!!

  • Dasanand

Very disappointing specifications. Only 0.2 mp camera. Need better feature phones

  • Anno

Pls introduce 4G keypad phones now. Last week received SMS from Voda India that they are going 4G only. All keypad phones should be 4G now....

  • Nasir

any latest Nokia feature phone with Java supported?

  • haseeb

Sonu, 01 Aug 2020Can u tell me the phon ebook space in numbershow many no of conacts can be saved?? anyone share plz

  • Abid khan

I want nokia 5310 because this is the bast phones for calls.

  • Rahul Singh

Support call recording?

  • Sonu

Can u tell me the phon ebook space in numbers

  • Anonymous

Hanza, 27 Jul 2020This phone have unlimited message storage????yes but u need memory card to do that. else minimum messages can b only stored.

  • MANI

Is it Support Whatsapp..?

  • Hanza

rafi, 27 Jul 2020Nothing Symbian internal storage should be 250 MB ,cpu 600M... moreThis phone have unlimited message storage????

  • rafi

Nokia produces such as cells likely Nokia 5320, xpress music,
E5, e6 upgrade thanks if you do it.

  • rafi

Nothing Symbian internal storage should be 250 MB ,cpu 600MGh 3.2MP camera maybe a classic phone.

  • 2G Only

Jhonson, 22 Jul 2020Can this work in the USA? If yes, on which carriers/networks?Does any carrier in USA supports 2G bands. If yes then u can buy one.

  • Anonymous

Topstonians, 24 Jul 2020Be careful with the volume keys , even on lock mode it can ... moreCapacitive touch is sensitive than resistive touch so would you call capacitive as an issue or what?

  • Anonymous

XpressMusic, 21 Jul 2020Specs are lower than its 2007 version. Disappointing.Some are lower like that 2 mp camera which no-one uses anymore so having VGA or 2 mp is same. But what it is meant for is improved.. like Speaker, Battery life & screen size. Plus OS is smooth everywhere. Don't complaint build quality as that one sold for more than 8000 rupees at 2007 & this one is 3400 rupee in 2020.

  • Topstonians

Be careful with the volume keys , even on lock mode it can still turn your phone into silent mode. you wll miss a lot of calls and txt

  • M. Salmon

What is the performance of ear speaker during a phone call? Other Nokia feature phones are not that much loud in ear speakers during a call-conversation.

  • Anonymous

Please mention the Connectivity on Specs

  • Jhonson

Can this work in the USA? If yes, on which carriers/networks?