Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

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  • Hassan
  • a3}
  • 08 Jun 2022

DonDolla, 25 Apr 2022Please does this phone use two SIM card?No dear

    Please does this phone use two SIM card?

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      • MarmadukeLangdale
      • 3a8
      • 25 Jan 2022

      Seemed to be a decent basic phone to start with, even though I don't use the radio feature really. Can't get the cricket on it in the UK! But after a couple of months the ear speaker failed, so I can't hear anyone on it now. Just off to buy a 105 instead!

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        • Anonymous
        • 0Rh
        • 12 Jan 2022

        Prasanna, 08 Dec 2021Is that have hotspot?What?

          • j
          • jay
          • 42H
          • 26 Dec 2021

          that was my 2nd phone and i was AWESOME, my 1st was the LG CU500 and currently own LG G7 G8 G8x V20 V60 maybe i get a V50 soon.

            • P
            • Prasanna
            • IWU
            • 08 Dec 2021

            Is that have hotspot?

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              • Anonymous
              • Kg@
              • 01 Dec 2021

              Jophiel Dimacali, 01 Nov 2021A slimline has the song, DJ & the Ear Music. Thats your... moreI remember that my uncle have this phone years ago

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                • 6IX
                • v}R
                • 19 Nov 2021

                the first phone i bought

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                  • Jophiel Dimacali
                  • t7$
                  • 01 Nov 2021

                  A slimline has the song, DJ & the Ear Music. Thats your phone in 5310 xpressmusic. That color is my Faovrite, Blue. & the Korean, the color is bpack. Officially in the PH. (Philippjnes.) ..

                    • K
                    • Kailash choudhary
                    • Dkq
                    • 29 Sep 2021

                    Classic set

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                      • Anonymous
                      • syN
                      • 29 Aug 2021

                      i want to buy this phone again . where can i buy

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nTu
                        • 28 Aug 2021

                        RedFlame, 16 Apr 2021I owned one like this before, exactly this. I forgot if it ... moreYou can find this on AliExpress for 20$

                          I am still using the Red one, and i must say i would never sell it, as this phone is like a unforgettable memory to me, and can't think of giving it to any one, The earphone sound is unbelievable.
                          Thanks NOKIA for giving this phone and Lovely memories with it

                            I have two of these phone, and they still turn on! I owned the red and grey ones. I really enjoyed the ability for this phone to act like a MP3 player, and I used it more for music and less for getting calls. The buttons on the side were a bonus.

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                              • Dhruvo kumar
                              • DkL
                              • 07 Jul 2021

                              The phone I want to buy

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                                • Maico-Breako
                                • 5Er
                                • 26 May 2021

                                I owned two of these loved them. I still have them, you have at least 1 week of charge time, very small and worked great.

                                I'm thinking they would make great Kid phones or grandkids phone. (I.E no internet accessibility) They take pictures, play music, text and of course make phone calls.

                                  • R
                                  • RedFlame
                                  • y6V
                                  • 16 Apr 2021

                                  I owned one like this before, exactly this. I forgot if it was black or white. Its like a mp3 player due to its features. Love this thing, wish I can find that again.

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                                    • Vince
                                    • I@H
                                    • 14 Apr 2021

                                    Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic was being amongst first to run N... moreDo you have an stock 5310 express music mam sir?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • dW2
                                      • 01 Apr 2021

                                      The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic was being amongst first to run Nokia Series 40 5th Edition.

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                                        • Kathir
                                        • rJ7
                                        • 20 Jan 2021

                                        not me, 08 Jan 2021I think my father's xpressmusic isn't dead. and h... moreI want to this phone