Nokia 5320 review: Teensmart


GSMArena team, 08 August 2008.

Nokia 5320 360-degree spin

Nokia 5320 measures 108 x 46 x 15 mm and has a volume of 67 cc. This is compact enough for a smartphone though we've seen them get even tinier. The phone is pocketable and with a weight of 90 grams it won't make those baggy jeans any flabbier.

Design and construction

The design of the Nokia 5320 is obviously trying to catch on with the younger audience. The handset has an all-plastic construction and, although we didn't fall in love with it in an instant, we find it quite nice to look at. The dimpled surface at the back and sides might not blend perfectly but they do provide a really nice grip and make the 5320 really hard to slip off your hands.

The video-call camera and a key called "My own" are symmetrically placed on both sides of the earpiece at the top of the front. My own key is a customizable shortcut to any function of the phone but its location makes it somewhat uncomfortable to use. It's way out of reach when holding the phone normally.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The video-call camera and My own key on either side of the earpiece

The rest of the front panel is taken by the 2" display and the keypad, which will receive their due attention in a little while.

The right side of the Nokia 5320 features the dedicated camera key and the volume rocker. They are both large enough but slightly embedded and thus not so easy to press.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The right side hosts the camera key and the volume rocker

The three dedicated music controls on the left are way handier. They are nice and tactile, and after a short while can be used without even being looked at. The card slot on the same side however is not so nicely worked out. The problem is the etched bit where you are supposed to stick you finger to remove the cap is completely covered by the rear panel. This means you either have to remove the battery cover or use a pointed object to open the card slot cap.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The music controls and the not-too-comfortable card slot on the left

The top of Nokia 5320 features the power key, which is also used for alternating the active profile and locking the keypad. We would've preferred it a bit larger but it is still usable enough.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The power key on top

At the bottom are the microUSB slot (under a plastic lid), the 3.5mm standard audio jack and the charger plug. The lanyard eyelet is also here but attaching a strap involves opening the battery cover too.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The four apertures at the bottom

The back side of the Nokia 5320 hosts the 2 megapixel camera and its dual LED flash. The camera performance will be discussed towards the end of our review in more detail. As for now, the only thing to mention is the lack of any lens protection whatsoever that renders it vulnerable to scratches.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The 2 megapixel camera lens at the back is unprotected

Under the battery cover lays the 890 mAh Li-Ion BL-5B battery. It is quoted at 250 hours of stand-by, 3 and a half hours of talk-time and 24h of music time. The numbers aren't mind-blowing by any means and performance turned out even worse. We had to charge the Nokia 5320 every other day even though we didn't use it all that much. We guess with a little tweaking (reducing the light timeout, turning off 3G or switching the screen-saver off) things can improve but miracles are really unlikely.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
The 890 mAh battery isn't the best performer we've seen

As a whole, the construction quality of Nokia 5320 is decent. There were no creaks or other disturbing noises when handling the phone. All plastic though it may be, the handset feels sturdy enough and wear and tear is not likely to kick in too quickly.

Nokia 5320 has just the right size for holding in hand. It's no problem operating either single or two- handedly and, even with the strangely placed My own key, we're more than happy with ergonomics.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
Nokia 5320 in hand

A small display

Nokia 5320 is fitted with a 2" 16M-color TFT LCD display of QVGA resolution. It is obvious we won't sing praises of screen size. After all, 2-inch displays belong below and seeing one in what's not exactly a budget handset is a bit upsetting.

Nokia 5320 Nokia 5320
2-inch diagonal, but respectable picture quality

Picture quality makes up some for the small size with vibrant colors and good brightness. Good sunlight legibility is well taken for granted in a Nokia.

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  • ava

Yap, same here i used my 5320 XM for a year until nw but im not encountered any problem with my fone even the battery i have my new samsung galaxy but i cant let go my 5320 XM.... I lv it...

  • renz

i like this phone but i have problems with it the front cam say general feature not supported.kindly help me please.and diz phone does not read ngage i need a emulator.tnx .more power gsmarena.and help me.

  • Sd

Yes.. It has a poor battery life..