Nokia 5320 review: Teensmart

08 August 2008
XpressMusic is back on Symbian turf. Last time we checked the musical talent was playing second fiddle to smartphone skill but maybe it's time for the tables to turn. Nokia have ditched the swivel and are playing it rather low key on the 5320 exterior. Fair enough, less express in XpressMusic but no complaints elsewhere: FP2, HSDPA. Well geared up in terms of connectivity and running on the latest Symbian...

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  • 01 Dec 2023

Yeah guys, another 5320 fan here! Got it for my 11th birthday in 2009, used it until 2014 when I switched to Xperia Z. Broke its screen just half a year after this, guess I got used to 5320's sturdiness. Still have it on my shelf fully functional reminding me about better and easier days. Peace to you all.

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    • 12 Jun 2022

    jcchimaera, 10 Apr 2022Damn... seem's no love anymore for this phone, seeing ... moreNothing much has changed :D
    This was my last phone before I jumped on Android.

    Love how pretty much all phones were easily distinguishable and unique at the time before touchscreen fully took over.

      Damn... seem's no love anymore for this phone, seeing last comment is from 2013 🤭

      This phone is when i still in high school time around 2008 ish, and keep using it until 2012... maybe... i forgot 😂

      To whoever future person that read this comment, say hi to whoever or whatever current US president of your time 🤭

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        • 30 Jan 2013

        dude, 02 Aug 2010It's been two years since I bought this phone. I'd read up ... moreYap, same here i used my 5320 XM for a year until nw but im not encountered any problem with my fone even the battery i have my new samsung galaxy but i cant let go my 5320 XM.... I lv it...

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          • renz
          • t7X
          • 09 Jul 2012

          i like this phone but i have problems with it the front cam say general feature not supported.kindly help me please.and diz phone does not read ngage i need a emulator.tnx .more power gsmarena.and help me.

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            • 30 Apr 2012

            Zain, 03 Sep 2010can i please know how is the battry life of this mobile fo... moreYes.. It has a poor battery life..

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              • 22 Jun 2011

              onikoiho, 29 Aug 2009Dear All Friends: is this onkia 5320 is a good phone? ... moreNo its not a good phone compare to price, now a days very godd models comes in market in this price range, I had dis mobile but did not get satisfied

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                • Zain
                • uRA
                • 03 Sep 2010

                can i please know how is the battry life of this mobile
                for all day messaging and calls...
                can u tell me abt ur 5320's performance
                bcose i really like this cell phone bt i have herd of poor battery life
                is it true??

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                  • 02 Aug 2010

                  It's been two years since I bought this phone. I'd read up the review on gsmarena and that prompted me to go out and get it. I'm pretty sure that I was the first person in my town to buy a 5320 XM. I ordered it from Planet M... and it arrived after 2 days.. a blue 5320... Man... That phone has been like my close buddy for two years- I played a LOT of n-gage games on it, listened to a ton of music, watched some neat music vids, surfed the net quite a bit, read a truck load of books and last, but not the least- did an insane amount of app development on it. Of course- there was a lot of calls and msging too, heh heh.
                  This handset was perfect for me- music minded, reliable, powerful, adequately equipped, misleading understated looks and best of all- a reasonable price tag. This is the longest I've kept a phone with me so far. Normally, I change them phones after six or eight months- maximum was close to a year. But this one stuck with me. I've got no serious complaints to make of. It's fine for me- that's why I'ven't been caught on by the touch revolution either... These new phones don't have any personality... Anyways.... Happy two years with my 5320 XM! Thanks again, gsmarena guys- your review mattered a lot for me.

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                    • 02 Aug 2010

                    zulayed, 21 Mar 2010it's a great phone. sound quality is great.. camera is ok..... moretry a firmware update.

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                      • 21 Mar 2010

                      it's a great phone. sound quality is great.. camera is ok.. but im having a problem with it.. whenever i connect it to my pc, transfer some songs etc and then disconnect it, the music player doesn't work..when i press the play button, nothing happens. the only solution is to restart it, which takes alot of time and is very annoying. so can any1 plz tell me what the problem could be and how i can overcome it?

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                        • 10 Mar 2010

                        I had this phone for 6 months. Everything about it is great (especially the Symbian OS). But it feels like a little kids toy because its all like plastic. If you're typing a text message, everything you her is this annoying sound of plastic. thats why i'm gonna go for the 5310 which I think has a much better feeling.

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                          • 09 Dec 2009

                          again pls change the expandable memory to 16gb asap

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                            • yusha
                            • wr7
                            • 28 Oct 2009

                            i like it

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                              • Bobby K
                              • Gfu
                              • 02 Sep 2009

                              I just got it 2 days ago,am not so sure about it's stoty yet...

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                                • t7r
                                • 29 Aug 2009

                                Dear All Friends:

                                is this onkia 5320 is a good phone?

                                Pls. help me i need some advise Advise/comment.

                                Thank you.


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                                  • 15 Aug 2009

                                  nosa, 17 Dec 2008it is hard to find a xpress music because the the fucthers ... morehot sexy 5320

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                                    • wdP
                                    • 14 Aug 2009

                                    matt, 12 Jan 2009i think u can create a playlist and only play your playlist... morehay mat how are you your friend kajol please replay me understant.

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                                      • 14 Aug 2009

                                      s. bhaskar rao, char, 08 Sep 2008very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy set. what a musiccccccccccchey man be cool i thing you want a sexy girl friend please tell me about nokia5320 phone.

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                                        • 14 Aug 2009

                                        Anonymous, 27 Jul 2009This phone is very good & the sound quality is better than ... more you thing nokia5320 is very good mobile phone so tell me its market price now ok.